fitrianda utami studies Biology and Law. Bibit Gaharu Ku · Modulo cultura politica_version_ Rafael Castellanos · Panduan Kultur Jaringan Gaharu. Andri Sofda · THE MAGIC OF. Upaya Perbanyakan Tanaman Penghasil Gaharu (Aquilaria malaccensis Lamk) Teknik Kultur Jaringan Tanaman: Implementasi beserta Aplikasi, dan Hasil.

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Counseling to the community regarding the procedures of gaharu endeavors that results from cultivation V. Clearly, it is essential to develop more specific analysis methods Novriyanti et al. In spite of its price, which is so expensive, demand for gubal and kemedangan gaharu at international market keeps increasing. Planting cost per hectare of gaharu in mix planting with rubber trees at planting density of 1.

According to its natural habitat, gaharu grows well at low until hilly land 45 Proceeding of Gaharu Workshop Bioinduction Technology for Sustainable Development and Conservation of Gaharu Until now, gaharu is produced by tropical tree species infected by fungi such as: Compound name Remarks Caprilic acid intrinsically phenolic compund, which is used a lot commercially in the synthesis of ester for perfume industry; it exhibits anti-bacteria, and can cure bacteria infection Nair et al.

Traditionally, gaharu is used as among others incense for ritual and religious ceremony, body fragrance, room scent, cosmetics, and simple drugs. Department of Mathematics and Statistics. In the initial sage, farmers are asked to make inventories on the nature shrubs that exist around their host trees which can be used as seed sources. Incense of the gods. This gaharu intrinsically signifies as resin deposit accumulated in the wood tissues, as a reaction or inducement due to tree injury or patogenic infection.

Under the Sarawak Forest Department, this pioneer project is helping to conserve the aquilaria microcarpa species and serves as a learning field for the folks from Rumah Anthony Bau, an Iban longhouse about 40km from Sibu. The resveratrol as derived from p-hidroxycinnamic acid and 3 units of malonate exihibits anti-microbial charateristic Torssel, This roadmap is based on multi-years research and should be supported by technology, gaharu products that are yielded, and their marketing.

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In different views, other stakeholders such as forest-farmer group, privates, gaharu enterprisers, community self-sufficiency community have forwarded some jaringah inputs to immediately arrange and compile the master plan about the management of gaharu production in national scale. From those data, it can be inferred that the induction distance of those isolates as induced to the stem of gaharu-yielding trees could be figured out.

Calculation presented three planting schemes namely 1 monoculture planting of Tableis1. Install “View on Flickriver” script Bookmarklet While viewing any Flickr photos page, click on the bookmarklet to open the same view on Flickriver. Teknologi ini telah meraih pelbagai anugerah di peringkat kebangsaan mahu pun antarabangsa.

For gaharu trees inoculation, it takes 10 days done by labours with different skill and wage level as follow: Furthermore, in other countries like Singapore, China, Korea, Japan, and United States, gaharu is developed as anti depressant and also used as medical treatment for stomachache, kidney problem, asthma, cirrosis of liver.

The research on gaharu by the group of Forest Microbiology researchers started inwho conducted the bio-inducement using soild isolates, whereby the gaharu-developing fungi was grown on wood sawdust, and then those isolates were inoculated into the stem of gaharu-yielding trees.

All the resulting inoculation should not be closed remain unplugged.

This paper tries to describe feasibility of gaharu inoculation at several stem diameters and harvesting period after trees have been inoculated. This could be so, due to the suitability compatibility between the induction injection distance, the Fusarium isolates, and the resistance of the injected trees themselves. Thus, the plant will die and the dying wood will become the perfume substance. Besides, in raw jarihgan unprocessed form as wood chips, at present through the distillation can be obtained gaharu-essential oil with high value.


Artificial gaharu could be initially harvested one or two years after inoculation. Regarding the chemical composition, 6-month old induced gaharu just yielded 9 chemical constituents Figure 1while the induced gaharu products with year age brought out more than chemical constituents Figure 2and the corresponding gaharu resin yielded about 15 chemical constituents. This is explainable since the 6-month gaharu product was still in the early stage of gaharu development, which further brought out chemical compounds, thereby in the end leaving the gaharu resin with fewer chemical constituents.

The Pulong Tau national park is located between the Limbang and Marudi districts in gahharu Sarawak.

Kultur jaringan-gaharu

Through partnership model, all risk, responsibilities and later benefit could be shared together among all parties involved.

Consequently only very limited people have the capability to establish the business. In addition, it is needed to conduct research with different bio-physic environments. The sylviculture practice for the cultivation of gaharu-yielding tree seeds has been developed through the end-cutting technique that employs the KOFFCO method Subiakto et al. Level of success at kulttur process varies.

Cultivation of aquilaria microcarpa ghaaru aquilaria beccariana in Sarawak is said to be in the form of in-situ mixed cropping system, home-garden and ex-situ intercropping mixture of timber and aquilaria species. Novriyanti Table 2.

Kultur jaringan-gaharu | Kultur Jaringan Esha Flora | Flickr

gahagu The commercial value of gaharu is determined by the fragrance smell, and wood aroma that evolves when being burnt. Vanilin dan asam vanilic acid Vanillin signifies as the essential stuff in drug synthesis, perfume industry, and fragrance inducer.

In vitro shoot initiation of Sengon tissueculture kulturjaringan kehutanan forestry sengon plantbiotechnology – 2 months ago.

Many people fail to notice between gaharu and gaharu producer tree stands.