Jodan does not have the variety of waza that you have in chudan, .. never Anna !!! Theres 5 years of kendo material on this website enjoy!. JODAN NO KAMAE KENDO (上段の構え剣道) has members. Grupo creado para aprendizaje, difusión y discusión acerca de JODAN NO KAMAE en.

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When you are practicing it is important not to over grip even at the point of impact, you will have more control over the shinai the more relaxed your grip is I know that may sound stupid, most people think that if you grip strongly that you will be able to control the cut better at the point of impact, but believe me it is not true, a relaxed grip is the secret of good Jodan.

You have nothing that is defending your organs such as your heart and so forth. It does not matter whether there is a solid target to strike on or you are practice the strike in the air. Chiba Sensei indicated to me to turn around and seiza.

The Whip The same posture and position of Shinai and Left hand applies to all of these the only difference is the position of the Right hand. However, we must also practice putting them on quickly. There was never actually any teaching through speaking.

Jodan no Kamae Ultimate Collection

Sashi-men is more a high school technique which relies on speed. Tips from the Jodan Master. I was really nervous as I scrolled down the result page to find my student number.

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Most people say seme from the left fist! Chiba Sensei suggested to leave taitari out of the kirikaeshi routine until one has mastered the basics and become competent in doing taitari.

That jodwn senpai, who did you jodan no kamae had 3 reasons: Go thicker than this, and big techniques such as tobikomi men become easier to use, but subtle tehniques become more difficult.

Since the stance itself is different, there are a lot to learn. Those who take chudan also have to have the same kind of commitment. Due to some mis-interpretation, Chiba Sensei and Oda Sensei thought that I am studying massage instead of physiotherapy.


First go into Jodan-no-kamai, raise your hands above your head and make sure your Left hand is positioned about a fists width away from your forehead and in line with your Left eye, your Right hand should be about a fists width behind your forehead kendp your thumb just brushing the top of your Men, try to keep you Shinai pointing at approx a 45 degree angle with the tip pointing up to keendo sky, if you all your shinai to become flat i.

The next day when I once again thanked Chiba Sensei about the massage he gave the previous day during yum cha. At my 8th dan test I preferred chudan. All in all, I think it should be a cut which does not show when it is going to be performed to your opponent.

The gripping strength of the right and left arms should be about And the thumb and index finger should be completely relax.

I tried forcing my right hand down and at the kedo time pulling my left hand in. This will loosen up our wrist and will allow us to make more dynamic striking movements. I failed because when I took jodan I just cut when the opponent frightened me into cutting. Please feel free to comment or give related links you know! At the time, his jodan sensei would only show him the movements.

Ask your sensei and especially don’t attempt this stance without a instructor who does jodan themselves! So, mendo matter how successful we get in our kendo career, we must not forget the many people that have helped us from the beginning and along the way.

Even rarer, the positions of the hands on the hilt of the sword may be reversed. I want to say one more important thing about seme that relates to the time when you go into sonkyo and the time when you stand up. Every match is full out. The thing is when cutting the tire just tighten the grip when you hit the tire and then loosen it. It is known as Dach “roof” and bocca di falcone “falcon’s beak” respectively. The glittering achievements that he has left since then need hardly be mentioned, but even then he did not train in jodan alone.


Chiba sensei decisively places his right hand at his right flank, simultaneously striking with the left hand. Cut only when you see your opponents true intentions. Ok, down to the nitty-gritty.

And btw, he is also a curry master too, according to Chiba Sensei. Your left hand should grip the Shinai very lightly at the base while you should just rest the shinai in your right hand, position it so that it rest in the V formed between your thumb and your first finger, keep the fingers kodan your right hand curled over but only lightly brushing the shiai.

You may ask how does this apply in kendo? Chiba Sensei was a left-hander, so he gave jodan a try and started practicing this kamae in his third year of junior high school. Joan this cut follows a fast circular line just hit mid air.

Jodan no Kamae Ultimate Collection – 剣道勝負 – Kendo Duel- Playing Cards

I asked him if it was scary to try to do the head twist on another person at the first time. I now understand the reason for this and gave me more insight to this kamae. People taking up jodan lightly is a concern, but inadequate instruction of jodan is also a problem. If the opponent stays still I just cut extended men. Just as the kensen is used to suppress an opponent from chudan, Chiba sensei believes that in jodan the tsukagashira should be used to pressure the opponent.

Where should I hit? A positive attitude towards learning is better than just griping when you have no instructor. Sit in sei-za in front of a sofa or chair and practice one of kodan methods of cutting that I have tried to describe.

Its natural to have knedo 50 times in jodan. This site uses cookies. Otherwise you will fail, it’s not something you can understand just by waving a shinai around in a similar fashion as a video showed you.