Case Skizofrenia Paranoid . DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNOSIS I.0 schizoaffective manic tipe F. F.0 schizophrenia paranoid No . Jurnal Kesehatan Gula Darah. jurnal skizofrenia paranoid pdf. Quote. Postby JustĀ» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for jurnal skizofrenia paranoid pdf. Will be grateful for any help! Top. Ms. Sk was young lady of 25 year a university student contacted to the therapist through Facebook and got appointment. She was in the.

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J Clin Case Rep 6: This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

Visit for more related articles at Journal of Clinical Case Reports. Sk was young lady of 25 year a university student contacted to the therapist through Facebook and got appointment.

She was in the company with her close friend when visited the clinic first time and was nervous and perplexed at this occasion, even did not confide therapist for a private sitting. She complained sleeplessnessaggression and strong feelings of dirtiness most of time and feared that CIA would arrest her. On noticing someone staring her she always got startled, and informed in the presence of her friend that she has been under treatment from different psychiatrists for last seven years.

She was regularly taking the Cipralex and Lexotanil anti-depressant. During the treatment skizodrenia cited above she had been visiting different female clinical psychologists. She was treated by the methods of cognitive behavior therapy CBT and counseling but all in vain. Major purpose of this particular case study was to reaffirm and prove the efficacy of fear stimuli identification therapy FSIT on empirical grounds [ 1 ].

Sk was suffering from. The therapy FSIT paarnoid already used successfully to remove the symptoms of various disorders in different cases [ 23 ]. From which the above referred person Ms. Fear stimuli identification therapy: When some fear stuck due to stimulus and became negative association in the unconscious at childhood or teen age.

Unconscious state of soizofrenia at that time is skizofrrnia to caught full references of the incident it taken only negative reference. At that time of early childhood capacity of mind to capture some incident with full reference is not possible so, there is the chance due to these missing reference can create a problem that may result in different disorders and FSIT is a technique that can be used to complete these specific missing reference.

In the first three sessions semi-structured interviews were conducted with Ms. DSM-IV was consulted to decide the nature or type of disorder. In the subsequent ninety sessions Ms. Sk was asked to write on specific topics. Cross questioning was carried out over the ideas mentioned in the writings.

Ninety sessions were conducted five sessions per week. In the course of treatment, she and her skizofrwnia reported about Positive behavioral change in different spheres of Ms. Clinical observations during treatment also indicated a gradual positive change in his personality. The difference between pre assessment and post- assessment confirmed precision of hypotheses and efficacy of FSIT.


Feedback was obtained on weekly basis for a period of three months from Ms.

Before visiting my clinic Ms. Sk have had already consulted different psychiatrists and clinical psychologists and was mostly treated by means of anti-depressants and therapies like CBT etc.

Anyhow these medications helped him in sleep as before he was not able to sleep. Her father is retired employee from a low grade position in govt. Client is at ninth 9 th number in the series of nine sisters and brothers.

She lived in big joint family system. Three of her brothers were married and lived in the same house with all their children and two youngest sisters. The family has vast social contacts with their other maternal and paternal relatives. As stated already, she has been under treatment from various psychiatrists and female psychologists and has been taking different anti-depressant medicines and was using Cipralex and lexotanil for last two years back from the time dating when she visited me but all this did not help her to recover from disorder.

During the first session for assessment, Therapist asked her to let him meet her parents and elder sister to get some information but she vehemently refused. Even she refused for a conversation by telephone.

After first three sessions the opinion established that she was a victim of sex abuse in her childhood. For assertion of this opinion it was asked the client to write on the topic of sex.

She attempted to write in absence of any one as it was attempt to provide her with isolated environment. After 30 minutes she handed me over her piece of writing. Her writing was absurd and meaningless. There were a lot of cuttings and crosses in her writing.

It was asked her how was her experience of writing. She told that during writing she felt aggressive and irritable. She also felt burden over shoulder and at the back of her head. This all was almost a clear confirmation to my initial assessment. I told the client about my opinion of sex abuse and encouraged her to express clearly of any sort of incident she had gone through. She elaborated hesitatingly about the incident she encountered at the age when she was only nine and half year old.

The details of the event are as under:. She used to sleep with the young wife of her elder brother for day sleep in the summer season. The client was frightened and shocked. According my opinion when a child or even a mature person is encountered to any type of action which is harmful but particularly and specifically becomes a stimulus to fear instinct but the element of terror is also included to fear in such cases.

Faktor Risiko Kekambuhan Pada Pasien Skizofrenia Paranoid | Mubin | Jurnal Keperawatan Jiwa

The client told that this act have been repeated continuously for seven consecutive days. On eighth day, she informed about all this to her mother.

The client forgot about this incident after few days. Interestingly, at the age of 15 years i. After reading that article the client developed the feelings of filthiness guilt and skizofrehia in her mind. It resulted in thought disorder.

Sense fear as this was developed in her mind and this sense made her think that she will be arrested by CIA. She felt vulnerably by the staring eyes of people around her which also made her think that the people know about the sin she has committed. This was a terrible state of mind which she was passing through for last 10 years to the day she juenal me.


Case Study of Schizophrenia (Paranoid)

After knowing all this history as stated it was established that the client is suffering from Schizophrenia Paranoid. The treatment prolonged for more than one hundred days consisted of 90 sessions. Five sessions per week were conducted. I have developed this method through my prolonged clinical experiences and always find this method the most effective as comparison to all other conventional and contemporary methods of treatment. In the subsequent sessions, I handed her over different topics to write upon.

These topics related to her problem and were of different types. She wrote on this topic very elaborate but the writing was absurd and contained a lot of crosses and cuttings. It was skizofreenia her about the how was her feelings praanoid the process of writing. She informed that she felt ekizofrenia on the back side of her head and over her shoulders as skizofrenis.

During cross-questioning and on examining her writings it was learnt that she has established a much preformed thought in her mind that she will be answerable and be punished for the sin, she has committed.

During the total process of writing she was subjected to the same feelings of burden as cited above. After conducting a deep analysis of parannoid fears, the positive references were related to the particular incident of sex abuse she had been subjected to.

Relationship of positive references was also established to the article which patient had read at the age of 15 years as skizzofrenia referred. The main reason for disorder was skizofrrenia even of sex abuse which acted as the major stimulus for fear instinct. The Article on sex abuse made the client recall forcibly about the sex abuse incident she was subjected to at the age of nine and half years.

Different feelings like dirtiness, sense of guilt and sense of sin were associated to that particular event by unconscious level of mind and that even without reference to context.

These feelings caused thought disorder in the client. After conducting 90 sessions all the symptoms were eliminated and the client became normal. It is worth mentioning that client psranoid abandoned the use of medicines as a result of my treatment.

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