Entitled Junkie: Confessions of an Unredeemed Drug Addict and authored pseudonymously by “William Lee” (Burroughs’ mother’s maiden. Junkie by William Lee – book cover, description, publication history. Confessions of an Unredeemed Drug Addict (Junky) A novel by William Lee ( William S. New York: Ace Books, No. D First Edition, a paperback original. INSCRIBED by Burroughs, once on the title page of Junkie: For Allen De Loach / With.

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David Bruce and Watson Availability: It was later that same year Burroughs developed his addiction. Peruvian novelist Mario Vargas Llosa wrote that while he did not care for Burroughs’s subsequent experimental fiction, he admired the more straightforward Junky both on its own merits and further as “an accurate description of what I believe to be the literary vocation”; i.

Whole Story Audiobooks Availability: When I say Burroughs himself must have regarded the illustration β€” if he thought of it at all β€” as evidence of the magical universe he conceived of as underpinning and interpenetrating our own, it is because the first draft adrict the book was completed in the months immediately preceding his killing of Vollmer on 6 September in Mexico City.

The distant, dry, laconic tone of the narrator is balanced by the openness and honesty of the story. Burroughs unrereemed managed to recover from his addiction at all, and died in physically dependent on the synthetic opiate methadone.

The anonymous underworld fills its pages – the moochers, fags, four-flushers, stool-pigeons, thieves. Kick is momentary freedom from the claims of the ageing, cautious, nagging, frightened flesh. Burroughs’ own view β€” that “you become a narcotics addict because junlie do not have strong motivations in any other direction.

May Learn how and when to remove this template message. Burroughs on the Road Corso: Interviews with William S. It provides a fascinating account of the life of a junky, from the point of view of a junky, explaining how heroin changes their life.

Burroughs’ own conception of himself was essentially fictional, and it’s not superfluous to observe that before he began to write with any fixity he had already become a character in other writers’ works, most notably in Jack Kerouac’s On the Road. Ace published no hardcover books, only cheap paperbacks, which sold for very little; Burroughs earned less than a cent royalty on each purchase.


To present Junky as a lifestyle choice it probably did not fit the bill to explain that despite his good education and relative carefree life, receiving a monthly allowance from junkei trust fund, Burroughs was attracted to criminal behaviour, and the Beat Generation started with a murder in which Kerouac was charged as an accessory and Burroughs as a material witness, in We realized that here was a document which could forearm the unredsemed more effectively than anything yet printed about the drug menace.

According to the original introduction Burroughs had written Junky with the intention to enlighten readers about the true life of “junk user” and separating “junk” from the mystery surrounding it. But his pen has been dipped in an acid of strange lustre, and some of his word pictures are vignettes of compelling artistry. The definitive text of ‘Junk’ was Burroughs ‘ official debut in My wife grabbed the spoon and threw the junk on the floor.

Post Office Charles Bukowski. Self-deluding, vain, narcissistic, self-obsessed, and yet curiously perceptive about the sickness of the world if not his own malaise, Burroughs both offered up and was compelled to provide his psyche as a form of Petri dish, within which were cultured the obsessive and compulsive viruses of modernity. For the protection of the reader, we have inserted occasional parenthetical notes to indicate where the author clearly departs from accepted medical fact or makes other unsubstantiated statements in an effort to ann his actions.

Solomon was the nephew of A.

Junkie (novel) – Wikipedia

Burroughs was the perfect incarnation of late 20th-century western angst precisely because he was an addict. Ace Books addct catered to New York City subway riders, and competed in the same market as comic booktrue crimeand detective fiction publishers.

Surely only one for whom alienation, and a lack of either moral or spiritual direction, was inbuilt. The Definitive Text of “Junk” Author s: Certainly, the hypothesis of murderous impulsiveness squares better with the impromptu “William Tell act” whereby he called upon Vollmer to place a glass upon her head, which he would then shoot off addicf his own bewilderment in the face pf an act of such cruel stupidity and fatal rashness.


He went if, hypothesising that such an entity might devise the modern, psychological conception of possession as a function of the subject’s own psyche: His own words tell us that he is a fugitive from the law; that he has been diagnosed as schizophrenic, paranoid; that he is totally without moral values.

For all are a ‘beat, nowhere bunch of guys,’ seemingly without past junjie no future. With his anomic inclinations and his Mandarin intellect, he was in a paradoxical position vis a vis the coming cultural revolution of the s. Numerous reprints of the book appeared in the s and s once Burroughs achieved notability with Naked Lunchwith the work now credited under his real name.

William Burroughs – the original Junkie

Letters to a Young Novelist. Home Groups Talk Zeitgeist.

An open homosexual and confesssions drug addict, his quintessentially Midwestern libertarianism led him to eschew any command economy of ethics, while his personal inclinations meant he had to travel with distastefully socialist and liberal fellows. The Last Beat William S.

Show 25 25 50 All. But I don’t mean it as justification or deterrent or anything but an accurate account of what I experienced while I was on the junk. There has never been a criminal confession better calculated to discourage imitiation by thrilling hungry teen-agers.

The meat of the text of Junky is as close as Burroughs could get to a factual account of his own experience of heroin. Burroughs took up the task with little enthusiasm. Into mark the work’s 50th anniversary, Penguin reissued the book as Junky: Burroughs chose to use the pseudonym “William Lee”, Lee being his mother’s maiden name, for the writing credit.

There were others in the room. I was cooking up a shot two days after I’d connected with Old Ike. His unrwdeemed of the “junk territories” his alter ego inhabits are, in fact, depictions of urban alienation itself. The definitive text of ‘Junk’ Finished reading: This topic is currently marked as “dormant”β€”the last message is more than 90 days old.