JBL 4732 PDF

JBL 4732 PDF

JBL Incorporated, Balboa Boulevard, P.O. Box , Northridge, California U.S.A.. JBL M/HF-T. REV A. PACKAGE. WIRING DIAGRAM. The JBL T 3-Way Tri-Amplified ScreenArray Cinema Loudspeaker System is designed to deliver critical sound reproduction in medium to large cinemas. JBL JBL Professional. PA SKU # JBL MFR # Support The ScreenArray features true three-way system design enhanced for critical film.

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If I had an extra amp worthy, I’d just bi-amp the boxes and eliminate the that way. The splay should avoid holes in frequency response between cabinets but it should 47732 overlap that causes comb filtering. I’m not a x-over expert either and not sure what would be involved. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Jan 11, 2, 0 0 Land of Steady Habits www.

Jan 11, 10, 7 38 34 Wallingford, CT www.

MBO Cinemas, Malaysia

An XTi would be way more than enough and keep it in the family. That’s still not enough. Most people just remove the buttcheek and then boost the top octave on the main eq.

If you compair the A crossover to the A crossover you’ll find that by only adding three caps it will convert a A crossover into a A for the driver. The uniform coverage of the horn is illustrated by the detailed polar data and the isobar constant sound pres- sure contours included in this speci- fication sheet.


I am wanting to possibly go to powered mains but I am unsure what can keep up to the JBLs. January 23, Should I modify my SRA’a or leave them stock? That said, If i have someone knowledgeable do the work, it may cost me nearly as much as buying a x-overs. Tim Weaver Senior Mar 24, That was probably 20 years ago. Please login or register.

At a certain point you are wasting money buying wattage that you will never use. I don’t want to start a crossover topology war here on the jbk end.

I normally use the JBLs for hard rock in bars and street dances. That is a question I will have to answer once I have a bit more experimentation under my belt. Like I said, it ain’t right, but it’ll work. Mar 12, 0 16 Il.


Just about everybody with these cabs does what you are wanting to do. I recently got a steal of a deal on a pair of jbl SRA’s.

My thinking was the outdoor gigs coming up this summer and the lack of “throw” from the ‘s outdoors. An amplifier capable of 67 volts at 8 ohms is equal to Sometimes I feel jvl the people on this forum are tossing out recommendations that don’t make a lot of financial sense to the OP.

Should I modify my SRA’a or leave them stock? | Sound Forums

To do it right you need the crossover from the A or biamp the cab and roll jl own preset. Maybe not to remove the components, but at least for me to decipher what’s going on there. Max SPL seems to be about dB, but no coverage info is provided, and no response graphs are provided either. I thought you were bang on until you started talking about impedance.


I realized that requirement ended up limiting my options quite a bit and bit the bullet and bought a passive system with a proprietary controller that ends up doing the things I wanted, and for the size of the system, an extra small rack with amps and processor didn’t really make much size difference. To successfully meet the ” watt continuous program” rating at 30 ohms, you would need This is what this low frequency hbl can theoretically do before power compression occurs.

Worry about power at the driver’s minimum impedance s. This provides predictable normal resonance modes, and radial reinforcing ribs increase diaphragm stiffness.

Jbl Professional

The voice coils themselves are identical to previous JBL models, so that impedance and network matching will be the same. Tim Weaver Senior Mar 25, This bjl configuration produces coherent acoustical power up to much higher frequencies than more conventional designs.

The polar curves of the exhibit soft-edge pattern charac- teristics, due to the gradual drop-off of level with increasing off-axis angle.