The story of a poor girl who lived the life of a slave in Pre-abolitionist Brazil baby daughters Isaura, crowds of fans flocked to meet the couple Lucelia Santos . This melodrama focuses on the conflict between the beautiful light-skinned slave woman Isaura (Bianca Rinaldi, originally, Lucelia Santos) and her cruel. ISAURA THE SLAVE GIRL. likes. Fictional Character.

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Juliana was a beautiful, almost white mestizo, who had long been the favorite maid and faithful servant of the commander’s wife.

Isaura: Slave Girl

The latter, who, as a libidinous and unscrupulous man, looked upon the slaves as a seraglio at his disposal, cast covetous eyes, burning with lust upon the gentle maid. For a long time she resisted her brutal solicitations; but at last he had to give in to threats and violence.

Such a clumsy and barbaric procedure co Endured by her from the most violent and bitter expropriations, the Commander did not dare to use violence against the poor slave, and never again could he overcome the invincible repugnance which inspired him. She was enraged with so much resistance, and she resolved in her perverse heart to take revenge in the most barbarous and ignoble way, overcoming her works and punishments.


A Escrava Isaura ( TV series) – Wikipedia

He exiled her from the room, where she performed only mild and delicate services, to the slave quarters and the fagots of the fields, and advised her not to spare her service or punishment.

The foreman, however, who was a good Portuguese still in the vigor of the years, and who did not have the guts as hard as his master, seduced by the mestiza’s charms, instead of work and beatings, only gave him caresses and gifts, so that after some time Juliana gave birth to the gentle slave Isaura.

This fact further exacerbated the patron saint of the commander against the wretched slave. He excoriated with reproach and threats the good and faithful factor, and subjected the half-breed to such rude work and so cruel treatment, that soon it precipitated it in the tomb, before it could finish creating its tender slace mimosa small daughter. This is where the beautiful and unhappy Isaura was born under what sad auspices.

However, as if to compensate her for such misfortune, a holy woman, an angel of goodness, bowed over the cradle of the poor child and came to shelter her in the shadow of her charitable wings. Esther the Comendador’s wife considered that tender and beautiful creature as a mime, which heaven sent her to console her of the anguish and displeasure she swallowed as a result of the clumsiness of her unwilling husband. She lifted up her tear-filled eyes to heaven, and lsave through the soul of the unhappy mestizo to take charge of Isaura’s future.


Create and educate her, as if she were a daughter.

It was a building of harmonious proportions, vast and luxurious, set in a pleasant vargedo, at the foot of wooded hills, partially devastated isaaura the farmer’s ax. Far, nature was still in all its primitive and savage roughness; But near t Sections of this page.

A Escrava Isaura ( TV series) – Wikiwand

Email or Phone Password Forgot account? December 4 at Isaura playing his favorite song. That night, Isaura was discovered, as a slave escaped. Isaura the slave girl. Isaura the slave girl, turns 42 on October 11 originally exhibited in Brazil in Escrava Juliana ” A mucama favorita” Spin-off, Isaura TVP Slavd updated their cover photo.

Isaura The Slave Girl Short story.