This is the official Motorola ic Buzz User Guide in English provided from the manufacturer. If you are looking for detailed technical specifications, please see. iDEN ic WITH CDMA USERS MANUAL 1 details for FCC ID AZFT made by Motorola Solutions, Inc.. Document Includes User Manual. Nextel ic user manual by EllenWatson Issuu. September 18th, – Save this Book to Read nextel ic user manual PDF. eBook at.

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Printed in the U. Motorola reserves the right to change or modify any information or specifications without notice or obligation. All other product or service names are the property of their respective owners.


Welcome to Nextel From Sprint Sprint and Nextel have come together offering you more choice and flexibility to do whatever you want, whenever you want. You can make both wireless phone calls on the Nationwide Sprint PCS Network and Nextel Walkie-Talkie calls on the Nextel National Network from the same phone, simplifying your calling experience while expanding the number of persons you can connect to.

Introduction This Phone Guide introduces you to Sprint Nextel service and the features of your new phone. Getting Started Section 2: Using Your Phone Section 3: Service Features Section 4: Safety and Warranty Information Throughout this guide, you’ll find tips that highlight special shortcuts and timely reminders to help you make the most of your new phone and service.

Copy to Contacts 4: Call with ID 4: Update Vision Profile 4: Data Roam Guard 6: Change Lock Code 3: My Phone Numbers 2: Word Pop-up List 3: This section walks you through the necessary steps to unlock your phone, set up your voicemail, establish passwords, and contact Nextel for assistance with your wireless service.

If you received your phone in the mail, it probably has been activated; all you need to do is unlock it. If your phone is not activated, please call Nextel Customer Service at Setting Up Your Voicemail Unanswered phone calls are automatically transferred to your voicemail, even if your phone is in use or turned off.

Therefore, you may want to set up your voicemail and personal greeting as soon as your phone is activated. To set up your voicemail: From standby mode, press and hold Follow the system prompts to This optional password may be used to authorize purchase of Premium Services content and to protect personal information on multi-phone accounts. Getting Help Visit www. Access your account information. Check your minutes used depending on your service plan.

View and pay your bill. Enroll for online billing and automatic payment. Shop for the latest phones.


View other service plans and options available. This service may not ic5002 available in all Affiliate areas. Sprint You have access to a variety of services and information through Sprintincluding residential, business, and government listings; movie listings or show times; driving directions, restaurant reservations, and major local event information.

Walkie-Talkie Button Section 1B: Inside View of Phone 9. Key Functions Audio Connector allows you to plug in an optional headset for convenient, hands-free conversations. Your Walkie-Talkie headset can only use this connector. The use of wireless phones while driving may cause distraction. Smart Key ends a phone call or Walkie-Talkie call, forwards an incoming call to voicemail and dismisses a Call Alert.

BACK Key deletes characters from the display screen in text entry mode. When in a menu, press the previous menu. This key also allows you to return to the previous screen during a data session. Make sure your SIM card is in place. Turn on your phone. With your phone powered off, remove the battery door and battery. With your fingers, carefully slide the SIM card in under the edge, and press it gently in place. Do not touch the gold-colored areas of your SIM card.

To avoid losing information stored in your SIM card, do not remove it from your phone unless absolutely necessary. To remove your SIM card: With your fingernail, carefully slide the SIM card out from under the edge. Nextel-approved and Motorola-approved batteries and accessories can be found at Sprint Stores, through Motorola, or by calling to order.

Allow the battery door to pop up, and remove it from the back of your phone. Insert the top of the battery into the battery area. Be sure the gold-colored areas on the battery and on the phone are touching.

Index of /p/pe1hwo//icom/ic502/manual

Press the battery down to secure it. To remove your battery: Make sure the phone is powered off. Slide the release button back until the battery door unlatches. If the battery charge is getting too low, the phone makes a sound manjal displays a message. Always use a Nextel-approved or Motorola-approved charger, or vehicle power adapter to charge your battery. Using the Charger To use the charger provided with your phone: Plug the charger into an electrical outlet.

You can only use manuap Motorola-approved USB cable.

Motorola ic502 Phone Manual

Other chargers may not fully charge the Li-Ion battery or may yield a reduced number of lifetime charge cycles. To view information about your phone: Press Scroll to see your information: Mobile lists your phone number. Walkie-Talkie lists your Walkie-Talkie number.

Press Options right softkey mnual select Edit. Basic Phone Features Congratulations on purchasing your new ic by Motorola. Your phone is lightweight, durable, and easy-to-use.

It offers many significant features and service options. The following list previews some of those features and provides page numbers where you can find out more Your phone is equipped with a Location feature for use in connection with location-based services page Word English Text Input lets you quickly type messages with one key press per letter page Viewing Status Information Your phone shows status information on both the internal and external displays.


Navigating Through Phone Menus The navigation key on your phone allows you to scroll through menus quickly and easily. The scroll bar at the right of the menu keeps track of your position in the menu at all times. To navigate ic02 a menu, simply press the navigation key up or down. Help Your phone contains an in-device help program to help you understand complicated or seldom used features.

When you access a feature, Help sometimes appears as a menu item or softkey. Select Help and read the text for a quick overview of the feature. Accessories Your phone comes with a Li-Ion battery, charger, and holster.

Various accessories are available for use with your ic phone, including a higher capacity battery with a larger battery doorcases, vehicle power chargers, data cables, hands-free accessories, and more.

Entering Text Selecting a Character Input Mode Your phone provides convenient ways to enter words, letters, punctuation, and numbers whenever you are prompted to enter text for example, when adding a Contacts entry or when using SMS Text Messaging.

To change the character input mode: When you display a screen where you can enter text, press Options right softkey to change the character input mode.

Word English Text Input analyzes the letters you enter using an intuitive word database and creates a suitable word. Adding a Word to the Word English Database If a word you want to enter is not displayed as an option when you are using Word English Text Input, you can add it to the database. To add a word to the Word English Text Input database: Select the Multi-Tap character input mode.

Characters scroll in the following order: In addition to traditional wireless phone calls, you can make Walkie-Talkie calls to both individuals and groups, participate in Talkgroups, use Direct Talk, and send Call Alerts. Digital Wireless Phone Calls offer clear calls and many extra services, including missed call notification, three-way calling, speakerphone, and speed dialing page Making and Answering Phone Calls Making Calls Placing a traditional, wireless phone call from your phone is as easy as making a call from any landline phone.

To make a phone call using your keypad: Make sure your phone is on and open. Enter a phone number from standby mode.