An Enemy of the People is an play by Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen. Ibsen wrote it .. “Um Inimigo do Povo na Comuna” [An Enemy of the People in the Commune]. (in Portuguese). Portugal: Teatro da. Um inimigo do povo foi publicado em Copenhague em e estreou no Teatro Nacional em Oslo em 13 de janeiro de Imediatamente foi traduzido para. Questions About Um Inimigo do Povo. by Henrik Ibsen. Reader Q&A. To ask other readers questions about Um Inimigo do Povo, please sign up.

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Audience of the performances reportedly showed overwhelming support for the character Dr. Miller found it necessary therefore to change Ibsen’s use of genetic and racial theories from the late s to further Dr.

Up there the rulers eo the world are the great seal and the gigantic squadrons of duck. Peter Stockmann comes to the iimigo office with a statement of his own, intending to reassure the public about the safety of the spa baths. This will bring a great deal of attention obsen the baths and possibly force them to shut down which will have repercussions on the town’s economy. It may have been a truth once and a falsehood today.

By the end of the meeting the audience has rebelled, repeatedly shouting, “He is an enemy of the people! Ibsen’s A public enemy as a seminar on science communication and ethics”.

Stockmann of being selfish and not thinking of the bigger picture. The regime’s censorship officers would not agree on any more subsequent touring until it is doctored in favor of the regime’s thought on what a play should be. It received various positive reviews and was jointly sponsored by the Norwegian Embassy in Cairo and the Ibsen Studies Center in Norway. He says that new, iniimigo ideas are always condemned, due to the “colossal stupidity of the authorities” and the small-mindedness of “the compact majority” of the people, who may as well “be exterminated.


Houston, TX, United States: Yet, Ibsen addresses in an engaging manner a number of challenges that remain highly relevant today, such as environmental issues versus economic interestsprofessional responsibilities of experts in policy debates and, last but not least, the moral dilemmas and tensions involved in whistle blowing.

He then winds up into a passionate poovo about social evolution. At a town meeting in Captain Horster’s house, Dr. It was also made into a movie of the same name instarring Steve McQueen. A Definition and an Estimate. They had not yet reached the stage where they needed a doctor. Views Read Edit View history. Treachery, a point of view]. According to Stockmann, there are no absolute principles of either wisdom or morality.

Stockmann replies that he intends to stay and make them understand “that considerations of expediency and justice turn morality and justice upside down.

The new alliance between the newspaper and Dr. Ibsen wrote to his publisher: Stockmann’s article, which will damage the reputation of the town government.

Um Inimigo do Povo — Reader Q&A

Satyajit Ray ‘s film Ganashatru was based on this play. Retrieved 18 April Stockmann refuses his brother’s propositions.

Archived from the original on January 11, Retrieved December 7, Stockmann’s father-in-law, stops by to congratulate him on what Kiil believes is an elaborate prank. They realize printing this article iinimigo do more damage than help with the situation, and may cause the town’s economy to crater. Stockmann is overwhelmed with all that has happened, but rejoices that he has saved the town.


The masses are nothing but the raw material that must be fashioned into the people.

Um Inimigo do Povo, de Henrik Ibsen | Formatura CAL 2018.1

Man lives on ice, huddled together in little piles of stones. Stockmann that if he proceeds with this article and exposes this information to the town, he will be partially culpable for the ruin of the town. ibsej

A normally constituted truth lives—let us say—as a rule, seventeen or eighteen years; at the outside twenty; very seldom more. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. An Enemy of the People original Norwegian title: The Mayor asks his brother about a rumor that Hovstad is about to print an article he wrote regarding the spa baths. Stockmann’s being allowed to speak is about to be voted on when he says he has a different subject.

The town has turned against the family, and no one they know will help them. I put in a good many years in the north of our country. Al-Ahram Hebdo in French. A version was produced for Australian television in