IBMS Registration Training Portfolio 3rd Edition Reference Copy. IBMS Specialist Portfolio. IBMS Specialist Portfolio in Cellular Pathology Reference Copy. Attend our IBMS Registration Portfolio Workshop to understand the requirements from the perspectives of both the trainee and the trainer. This website is intended to be a resource for those who are preparing for the IBMS Registration Training Portfolio for the Certificate of Competence, and those .

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Go to first unread. This forum is supported by: Competences have been signed off Look for: You are bims creating a specialist practitioner. Report 1 year ago 7. Can’t find any interesting discussions? Original post by emilyphoto Definitely go for it! The verifier form gives feedback on the candidate and the lab training and portfolik lab feedback form gives information about the IBMS processes and feedback on the verifier.

Home […] Forums Careers and Jobs Career sectors and graduate employment. Evidence older than this will be discounted by the verifier. Understand requirements for registration Understand roles and responsibilities Understand purpose of the registration portfolio Establish benchmark of professional competence and confidence to practice 2.

Registration Portfolio – Institute of Biomedical Science

We are often asked why the verification process can sometimes take a long time, and this can be for a variety of reasons. Continue Read our cookie policy. As the evidence requirements for the version 3 and version 4 portfolios differ, the duration of the tour portfolii been extended from 30 minutes for Version 3 to 40 minutes for version 4, so ibmms verifiers have a chance to probe understanding in areas where the evidence may be weaker.


The fact it is a Biochem based portfolio?

Report Thread starter 2 years ago 1. There is an expiry limit of three years on older versions of the portfolios and all holders of Version 3 must complete by December How can I do it? This site makes use of cookies. Further information Becoming registered as a Biomedical Scientist The title ‘ Biomedical Scientist ‘ is legally protected.

Verifiers do not need to be discipline degistration. Witness statements OR Objective observations that relate to a specific task or action that are independently written and verified by trainer OR Self witness statement written by trainee and signed and authorised by trainer.

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Yes, but I forget them before Feb Practitioner psychologist education seminar. Who can train the candidate? Poll Join the discussion. Give feedback to all concerned Remember what you are there for. Hey, how long did it take you to complete the registration portfolio? Skip to main content. Completing the registtation portfolio Candidates must complete all sections of the portfolio.


Book a uni open day. If you continue we’ll assume you are happy to receive them. Published by Edmund Bryan Modified over 2 years ago. Definitely go for it! Annotated material results printouts maintenance logs test requests incident reports NEQAS results Photomicrographs Presentations by third party.

Reflective logs A brief description of a process, incident or event undertaken by or involving the trainee accompanied by the personal thoughts of what has been learned and how this might be applied in the future to their benefit and that of their service users. The training officer will be responsible for ensuring that the trainee receives appropriate training and assessment. Report 11 months ago The title ‘ Biomedical Scientist ‘ is legally protected.

IBMS Registration Portfolio

However, there will be an expiry limit of 3 years on any outdated version of a portfolio from the date a new version is introduced. Its just a generic portfolio. Home Education Registration Portfolio. registrztion