Comprehensive information about Richard Brautigan’s novel The Hawkline Monster. The Hawkline Monster certainly sounds like a good title for a film. You hear the name and picture, perhaps, a vicious bird-like creature in pink. Masterplots: The Hawkline Monster: A Gothic Western. by Henderson Kincheloe? Author: Richard Brautigan Publisher: Simon and Schuster (New York) Type of.

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Thanks for telling hawkkine about the problem. Return to Book Page. The Hawkline Monster by Richard Brautigan. The time isthe setting eastern Oregon. Magic Child, a fifteen-year-old Indian girl, wanders into the wrong whorehouse looking for the right men to kill the monster that lives in the ice caves under the basement of Miss Hawklinw yellow house.

What follows is a series of wild, witty, and bizarre encounters. The book was originally published in Paperbackpages. Published September 15th by Monstsr first published Miss HawklineCameronGreer. United States of America. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Hawkline Monsterplease sign up. Can I see it and read it on this site? Mathew Shone I wish, I can’t even find a kindle version!

See 1 question about The Hawkline Monster…. Lists with This Book. Sep 21, karen rated it really liked it Shelves: View all 37 comments. We’ve kept the door locked ever since our father disappeared. And very, very loud. This is a freaky hxwkline trip “It just howls and pounds on the iron door that’s between the ice caves and the laboratory.

This is a freaky acid trip of a “gothic western,” Judging by that description, I should have found it delightful, but mostly I found it pretty damned dreadful. There is a monsyer, so there’s that.

Two hired guns take on the task of killing a monster that lives under a house. Lots of sex and weird stuff ensues.

There’s a climax, well, several, if you count the sexand an epilogue. Brautigan’s work seems a monsetr to Bizarro fiction only it’s no where near as good as most of the Bizarro stuff I’ve mpnster. His dialogue seems stilted and the monstfr, while imaginative, tend hqwkline churn around aimlessly for far too long. There are some funny bits and I never completely lost hwkline, hence my very weak three-star rating. Truthfully, I found him not only ungodlike, but pretty mediocre.

I will give his fans the benefit of the doubt. I have plenty of his books. In hardback, first editions, no less. You see, my father was a Brautigan fan. Since he is deceased, and I can’t ask him why, I asked my husband, who has also read most of Brautigan’s books. I thought they might get better, but they didn’t. Now I understand how we’ve managed to stay married for 23 years.


View all 11 comments. May 30, Vit Babenco rated it it was amazing. Whatever Richard Brautigan wrote, his writings, despite their deceptive simplicity, possessed some hidden magic. And so it is with a playful gothic tale The Hawkline Monster. They looked like a relaxed essence distilled from these two qualities. They acted as if they hawklije very intimate with something going on that nobody else could see.

The temperature dropped about forty degrees. The drop was as sudden as the motion of a knife. There is an allusion to Thanatopsisa mysterious and a little bit mystical poem by William Cullen Bryant in the book: And millions in those solitudes, since first The flight of years began, have laid them down In their last sleep — the dead reign there alone. Feb 07, Dan Schwent rated it liked it Shelves: I grabbed this one hawklinw it said Gothic Western on the cover.

Review: The Hawkline Monster by Richard Brautigan

It was a really odd one. The hawmline is simplistic but has a bit of a hypnotic quality. I’ll read more Brautigan if I happen across them. View all 4 comments. View all 10 comments. Mar 27, Jacob J. I mean, seriously, give us a bre — oh!

Hey, so yeah, a gothic western. Who knew one could be so apt in labeling their work. Imagine if Cormac McCarthy and Kurt Vonnegut travelled back in time to assassinate Jesse James only to find that Mary Shelley had already travelled forward in time and was using his body for scientific experimentation, and Robert Louis Stevenson was… probably somewhere near… like in the basement, with his chemicals… hearing bits and pieces… eh, forget this.

Hwkline does hzwkline in common some of the comic simplicity of Vonnegut, dreary dialogue involving cowboys, sort of like McCarthy, and indeed a science-gone-wild gothic aspect not entirely unlike Frankensteinbut those are just some things that came to my mind viz.

Main Characters and About Them: Cameron fucks too though. Cameron and Greer also both kill people. Miss Hawkline and Magic Child also both want to be rid of an evil or at least highly inconsiderate entity that monste beneath their house. Cameron and Greer also both want to kill this entity because they will get paid. But sometimes both Cameron and Greer and both Miss Hawkline and Magic Child would rather fuck or eat than kill the entity.

Cameron counts everything; shots fired, hoof clops clopped, silverware. When he is counting the amount of times someone does something, he always anticipates it to be done 1 more time. He expects to count to monstdr, all the time. There is no expectation omnster a cut-off point for Cameron, and numbers are everything.

Seemingly more inconvenient than dangerous, such a creation can cause reality not to fit its definition. In the end, we have confirmation of what we all know already; whiskey solves all problems.

View all 5 comments. View all 6 comments. Sep 28, Greg rated it liked it Shelves: My first experience with Richard Brautigan was not a positive one. Karen a similar bad Brautigan reaction to her first hawklin, but she hqwkline convinced to give him another try with this book, and I was given the task of taking it out of the library for her.


She read it and gave it four stars. Since it’s my job to return it to the library, and because she asked me to, I give Brautigan a second chance. I found it enjoyable and it read quickly a My first experience with Richard Brautigan was not gawkline positive one. I found it enjoyable and it read quickly and I didn’t break out in any hives from Brautigan’s hip-counter cultureness. There is something very ‘s about the book, and the sex aspects of the book are a little creepy in the way that decade excels monater just the thought of being conceived in that decade makes me feel a little queasy sometimes, no wonder my generation grew up to hawkljne stereotypical asexual slackers in the early 90’s, too much ickiness back in our formation.

Richard Brautigan > The Hawkline Monster

I feel like I’ve read this book before, though. I can’t remember what books it was. The only person that I can confidently say I’ve read who also did this though nonster Ishmael Reed, but there must have been others. The theme is interesting but not really ground breaking or anything that gets me very excited.

Masterplots The Hawkline Monster

I can imagine in the 60’s’s when this theme was worked on quite a bit was a exorcism of sorts for authors and readers who had grown up immersed in the myths of the American West, John Wayne hawkilne Gunsmoke. I only know the images, and the scenes in movies about the post-war time but this is a time when little boys wanted to be cowboys and dressed up like cowboys with plastic six shooters.

I think these books hawklinf in a way the expression of grown-ups still reeling from finding out that their childhood dreams had a different reality then they had believed. I could just be making shit up though. I liked this book well enough but not enough to make me want to venture into the dangerous, childish nihilism that I imagine most of Brautigan’s other books to be seeped in. He railed against the ‘liberal’ myths of conquest you know the killing of in upwards of a million Native American’s in the name of Manifest Destiny on the day before Thanksgiving last year.

In a rant that sounded suspiciously like a Holocaust Revisionist saying six million Jews couldn’t have been killed and anyone saying that there were that many killed are falling for a Zionist conspiracy, he was ranting and raving about some number that Ward Churchill had for the number of Native Americans killed.