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Los botones se encuentran debajo. La lectura tiene la virtud de convertirse en una experiencia de encuentros en el hogar. Laced with phonetic harmonies, the additional verses have a nonsensical, bouncing quality that offer a fun-filled challenge for little ones to master. Artist Sandra Boynton is back and better than ever with completely redrawn versions of her multi-million selling board books.

These whimsical and hilarious books, featuring nontraditional texts and her famous animal characters, have been printed on thick board pages, and are sure to educate and entertain children of all ages. El hermano entra y la hermana, aterrada, espera afuera.

Al lograr vencer su angustioso miedo la hermana decide ir a buscarlo. Emocionante relato de complicidad y solidaridad iluminado con realistas y sobrecogedoras ilustraciones. El padre es un personaje ocupado: Se preocupa tanto que no puede dormir.

Mientras ellos observan a los animales, los animales los observan a ellos. No hay que saber leer para disfrutar al maravilloso papa de las ilustraciones de este libro, que es igual a todos los papas. Con bata y pantuflas, canta al lado de Pavarotti y juega futbol; “”yo quiero a mi papa.

When it saw the wonderful animals in the zoo, it immediately wanted to be like them — and ended up likeall of them at once — with hilarious results.

Carle’s rich, collage-like art and gentle text will be comfortingly familiar to his millions of fans. An accessible Level 2 reader, The Very Lonely Firefly is one that parents and children will read over and over again. He follows a tai1, but all he finds at its end is a rather unfriendly horse.

The little mouse just wants someone to play with-but he’ll have to follow a lot of tails before he can find just the right companion. The artist in this book paints the world as he sees it, just like a child.

There’s a red crocodile, an orange elephant, a purple fox and a polka-dotted donkey. More than anything, there’s imagination. Filled with some of the most magnificently colorful animals of Eric Carle’s career, this tribute to the creative life celebrates the power of art.

To celebrate, we are introducing a new, larger format edition with brighter, more colorful pages created from Eric Carle’s original artwork using the latest reproduction technology.

The Grouchy Ladybug is bigger and brigher, as irascible but irresistable as ever and will surely delight new generations of readers, as well as her devoted fans of all ages.

Happy Birthday, Grouchy Ladybug! Charming colorful illustrations of foods along with the fat caterpillar and catchy little holes in the foods where the caterpillar “had his snack” make this book a hit with young children. The repetitiveness of this book is great for younger kids to be able to predict what the next animal is going to say.


This is also a great book to have students get involved. His modern-day fable is both wise and simple; based on the true habits of the hermit crab, it not only introduces young readers to the wonder and beauty of the marine environment but also contains an encouraging message for small children facing the inevitable challenges of growing up. While Mama takes a snooze, the five little monkeys climb a tree.

Crocodile opens his big mouth: Now there are only four little monkeys! A second little monkey teases Mr. Crocodile, he snaps his jaws, and that little monkey also disappears-or seems to. The mischievous monkeys are up to their usual tricks in this second rhythmic counting book about their disappearances-and surprise reappearances.

Today is their mama’s birthday and they are going to bake a cake. They’ll have to measure the flour and mix mmi the right number of eggs, and get it all into the oven in time for the birthday surprise–without waking up Mama! Eileen Christelow has created an original, high-energy romp, sure to delight any child who has tried to plan a surprise. Lulu is frantic; where can those monkeys be?

Estimados apoderados:

The refrain invites children to join in; as Lulu counts to 10, 24, and finallyggrita listeners will count along with her. And what little monkey can resist the idea of mischief at bedtime? But then Children will welcome the return of the five little monkeys, who make the same kinds of messes they do.

Her expressive pencil and watercolor illustrations capture both the glee and the pratfalls of those misbehaving monkeys. A sure-fire hit at story hour, this rhythmic romp is a counting lesson, too, as the five bouncy bed-jumpers bump their heads and get hauled off to the doctor one by one.

This board book edition is just the right size for small human hands. Room on the Broom is a very amusing story of a witch and her cat, flying around on their broomstick. They pick gritta many other animals along the way that help them recover the items they keep dropping off the broom. The book’s rhymes keep kids entertained and laughing.

The illustrations have kids wondering if any more animals will ever be able to fit on the broom. At the end of the book, when the witch is threatened by a dragon, the animals come to her rescue as one giant monster themselves.

Charlie Cook is like any other child who is fascinated kaen books. He puts on his new shirt, pants, shoes, and tie, and is immediately transformed from the scruffiest giant in town to the spiffiest giant in town. But on his way home, Kaen runs ddescargar various animals who need his help. And little by little, George finds himself giving away all his m purchases.

From the creators of Room on the Broom, this is a lively tale that reminds readers that sometimes it’s what’s inside a person-or a giant-that matters most. Despu s de armarse de valor, deciden ver qui n o qu hace los ruidos The dinos were wiped out in an Underpants Orse This wacky jaren of underpants is perfect for reading aloud, and the hilarious antics of T.

Featuring fun, vibrant art and short, rhyming text, Dinosaurs Love Underpants is a prehistoric pleasure parents and kids will want to read again and again. Get ready for another pants-tastic adventure in this wacky picture book from winning author and illustrator team Claire Freedman and Ben Cort. The text is xescargar verse, the illustrations are big and bright, and kids who open this book will giggle from first page to last.


Esta es una bella historia construida sobre la base de la ingenuidad y el amor. En fin, una tarde calurosa que deja de ser aburrida. Cuando encuentra unos colores lo pone todo patas para arriba. El truco de Trucas es aparecer en un libro sin palabras e inventar, contigo, una -o muchas- historias. Mira por la ventana de la casa hacia el jard n, con los ojos abiertos de par en roose, con los ojos entornados, con un solo ojo.

Don Fernando es un misterio Para s ;ara. Tiene la sensaci n de que ha perdido algo importante, pero no sabe qu. Si quieres saber lo que ha perdido don Fernando, debes grta muy despacio. Tan despacio que todo se calme a tu alrededor. Una historia tracicional del sur de Chile con un final inesperado”. Al verlo solo y triste decide ayudarlo a encontrar el camino de regreso a su hogar. Durante el viaje descubre que la soledad no es lo mismo que la nostalgia del hogar. Big books, picture books, reference books if it has pages, Henry chews them up and swallows but red ones are his favorite.

But one day he feels sick to his stomach.

Metal Brutal Argentino

Can Henry find a way to enjoy books without using his teeth? With a stunning new artistic style and a die-cut surprise, Oliver Jeffers celebrates the joys of reading in this charming and quirky picture book. There once was a boy… and one day a penguin arrives on his doorstep. The boy decides the penguin must be lost and tries to return him. But no one seems to be missing a penguin. So the boy decides to take the penguin home himself, and they set out in his row boat on a journey to the South Pole.

Running away, the penguin visits place after place, searching for a chance to get his feet off the ground. But will flying be everything he had hoped? And is the boy missing him, descaegar much as he is missing the boy? A heart-warming story about friendship, love and reaching for your paga, from highly-regarded, multi-award-winning author-illustrator Oliver Jeffers. So much so that he decided to catch one of his very own. Waiting for them to grow tired from being up in the sky all night doesn’t work.

Climbing to the top of the tallest tree? No, not tall enough. The boy has a rocket ship but it is made of paper and doesn’t fly well at all. Finally, just when the boy is ready to give up, he learns that sometimes things aren’t where, or what, we expect them to be.

Floyd gets his kite stuck up a tree. He throws up his shoe to shift it, but that gets stuck too. So he throws up his other shoe and that got stuck, along with! Will Floyd ever get his kite back? A hilarious book with a wonderful surprise ending.

Alex quiere un dinosaurio. Daniela Kulot nos cuenta la historia de una doble amistad: Dad says Froggy’s too little for golf.