Vinyl Cutter Download Graphtec FC, Vinyl Cutter Machine Download Software Installation & Operation Manual in pdf ( MB) > Download Now. Manually Adjusting the FC ARMS Sensor Level for Glossy Media and Glossy Laminated Prints. When using some glossy media or when using glossy. View and Download GRAPHTEC FC Series user manual online. Cutting Pro . FC Series Plotter pdf manual download.

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Attaching the Pouncing Tool Operation Loosen the tool holder screw. Operation selection menu is displayed on the screen of the control panel while it is stopped. Setting the Reference Angle The FC analyzes the cutting data, and controls the angle of the cutter blade tip if the change in the angles of the corner is large.

It will return to TESTmenu screen once all the test items are completed. Attach the joints to the end of the 2 outside basket tubes. Supplement Following message is displayed.

Fasten a base assembly Supplement to each of the stand side bars with four socket head cap screws Assemble the stand so that the front and rear using the Allen wrench. The distance between each points can also be entered to adjust the distance. Press the [MENU] key. Set the rotation or mirror prior to the axis adjustment Axis adjustment will convert in accordance with rotation or mirror in this case.


Page Press the [3] key X. Supplement Following screen is displayed. It improves the operation of the registration mark searching.


Push roller mahual force switching lever It is appropriate for cutting multiple numbers of stickers or similar. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. The rate of enlargement or shrinkage of the cutting data can be changed by settings. Press the [1] key DHCP.

FC grapbtec the accuracy up to 15m page length. Assembling and Connection This chapter describes how to assemble the plotter and connect to the computer. Preface In addition to cutting marking film and other media, an FC series plotter can also be used as a pen plotter.


Operation Easily pull the bracket on the pen station forward and attach the plotting pen. Force of the blade when the cross cut is made is called cross cut force, and it can be adjusted. Tool carriage will move away to upper right by continuously performing the same operation.

Perform Automatic Pre Feed When Media is Set Initial Feed It can be set to automatically feed and return the length of the Supplement page when the media is loaded and the media set lever is raised. Position the media so that its left edge is aligned with the left f8000 of the grit The media must always be positioned over the roller, and then position the push rollers over both edges.


Pass the leading edge from the front of the plotter so it emerges from the back. Basic Graphte Chapter 3: Perform further adjustment by performing cutting test after adjusting the blade length manually.

ARMS (Advanced Registration Mark Sensing system)

Comments to fc0800 Manuals Your Name. Cut Area 50 m x mm 50 m x mm 50 m x mm 50 m x mm 50 m x mm expanded mode expanded mode expanded mode. Set lever Push roller -X media U sed to turn the plotter on and off.

Flange Bracket to hold tool Attaching to the Pen Station Open the pen-hold mechanism on the pen station, and then attach the plotting pen. Supplement TOOL setting screen is displayed.

Such action may cause it to break down. If any accessory is missing, contact your sales representative or the nearest Graphtec manuual. Check how far the blade cuts into the media and how the corners are being cut.