The present book authored by Genet Ayele reveals that Colonel Mengistu is writing a book about his life, the Revolution and Ethiopian history. Firmness by Major General Hussein Ahmed, and Reminiscences of Lt. Mengistu Haile Mariam, by. Genet Ayele Anbessie. The Red Terror was unleashed by the. The book was written by Genet Ayele, a former journalist who used to own the company publishing Beza and other magazines in Addis Ababa.

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His latest book entitled, The Hidden and Untold History of the Jewish People and Ethiopiansas well as his original songs that he himself has composed and plays on the Kirarwill be released soon to the public at large. In other words, your own action backfired on you and caused your downfall. Is this a slander or true? It is said that all four of the solders took their life to catch the boy in the after life.

I have no clue how the author posed her questions to him, but his answers are too brief and too unrevealing even when it comes to topics that warrant detailed responses such as his childhood. From athletics to the boardroom. You used to break bottles filled with red ink symbolizing blood at Abyot Adebabay the former Meskel Squarescreaming that you would fight until you were left with the last bullet.


Was it not because the Derg members detected in him some leadership qualities that they chose him to lead them in the beginning? Genet, let me give you this assignment for the future.

Mengistu Haile Mariam and Memories of the Revolution”part II – Mereja Forum

You knew that Ethiopia had paid a lot to train them. In not dedicating a chapter or two to her, the author of this book, Genet Ayele has missed a wealth of information the former first lady would have shared with her on herself, her husband, her children, and most of all, on the Ethiopian Revolution.

The finale of the book ends abruptly. But you forgot one thing blinded by your retribution: Contrary to the previous the current Book is not from Mega.

I know only one thing- your family has benefited much from it. You knew he was brave and genuine. I gather that she spent her own hard-earned money to write and publish it.

I wish the aywle summed up the book by summarizing it in a conclusion stating her personal comments and views on the interviews.

Yes indeed, I am cognizant of the fact that making a revolution is not attending a wedding party.

Lieutenant Colonel Mengistu H/mariam tizitawoch (Number 2) (papercover)

Please enter your name here. As such, the partition of Eritrea from Ethiopia and all the ethnic upheaval that followed would have been averted. You had appointed your uncle as ambassador to Zimbawe ahead of time so that he could pave the way for you flight. I will also offer him an advice with regards to the book he is currently writing whether he heeds to my advice or not.


She loved her son even as your own mother loved you. Nor did he try to have you arrested. Why should their blood be the blood of dogs? In enjoyed them a lot.

Why did bkok you kill that innocent man throwing his poor mother into a sate of immense sorrow? His mother was as unfortunate as your mother.

Yes, you vindicated yourself and appeased your ego.

Ethiopian author Genet Ayele creates Amharic Computer

Let me start with the death of Emperor Haile Selassie. Would then a tiny bird fly from one tree to another without your pre-knowledge, let alone the exodus of a whole nation all the way from Gonder to Addis? The book is divided into two parts. You know General Fenta Belai and the rest of the coup attempters were Ethiopian heroes.

Nor did you allow your family syele and friends to do so.