A trip back in time to the launch party for Generation Hex, , at Alex and Allyson Grey’s Chapel of Sacred Mirrors. A clarion call for. InGeneration Hex, editor Jason Louv assembles a collection of dispatches from Generation Hexoffers the reader an excursion into the lives and practices of. Listen to Ep. Generation Hex and 44 other episodes by Ultraculture With Jason Louv. No signup or install required.

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Manage episode series Discovered by Player FM and our community — copyright is owned by the publisher, not Player FM, and audio streamed directly from their servers. Gdneration clarion call for psychedelic evolution!

Music by James Curcio. In this special episode, I send out a brief update about the unbelievably low Black Friday deals I’m offering on Magick. Spiros Antonopolous — yogi, tantrika, magician and psychonaut you might have seen him in “DMT: The Spirit Molecule” — stops by to discuss his voyages in the outer realms of consciousness, and how a ritual he conducted to contact his Holy Guardian Angel completely upended his life Author Mitch Horowitz returns to the podcast to discuss his new book, “The Miracle Club,” and the incredible power of the mind to shape reality itself—a power available to anybody, anywhere, at all times Remembering the late, great, Adam Parfrey—publisher of Jzson House books, fearless opponent of American conformity, champion of the outsider, and a mentor and kouv.

Peter Generztion, author of “Strange Frequencies: The Extraordinary Story of the Technological Quest for the Supernatural,” stops by the show to discuss the liminal zones between mysticism and technology, and the odd and wonderful things he has found there. Thomas Hatsis, author of “Psychedelic Mystery Traditions: Spirit Plants, Magical Practices and Ecstatic States” stops by to discuss how entheogens and magick have long made for close companions.

Ep. Generation Hex Ultraculture With Jason Louv podcast

A classic introductory lecture on the nature of Magick and Meditation by Jason Louv—and how they’re absolutely essential to life in the 21st century. Artist Gea Philes stops by to discuss life as an outsider, the pursuit of art as an overwhelming spiritual goal, how otherworldly forces shaped her work and how she’s seen the occult scene evolve and jasn over time. In which I discuss the current state of the Western Esoteric Tradition, and give a reading from my new book “John Dee and the Empire of Angels,” about the secret history of the world.


Barry William Hale, outlaw occult artist, stops by to talk about how he merges magick and art into a fearsome process for transcendence.

Generation Hex – Google Books

Duncan Trussell trips into a rift in the multiverse and finds himself outside the circles of time in the court of the dreaded Obelisk Emperor mewho makes him fish tacos. Bailey Jay stops by the show to talk about sex, death, magick, alien abductions, enlightenment, and lots, lots more!

Super-elite high-ranking Freemason Shahriar Yosef Esshaghian stops by the podcast to cast light on the hidden inner secrets of the world’s oldest and most maligned fraternity. Please ignore all moments of unintentional reptilian shapeshifting. George Pendle, author of the biography “Strange Angel: Hughes, author of the upcoming “Magic for the Resistance” and mastermind of the “Bind Trump” mass magical working, stops by the show to talk about magical resistance to the darkest timeline.

Hannah Haddix, outsider artist, world traveller and Magus of the Coyotel Church, stops by to discuss her recent ayahuasca forays into the far-future hell realms where AI overtakes all sentient life.

Ralph Abraham, professor and founding theorist of chaos mathematics, stops by the talk about the inherent, unpredictable chaos of existence, Dr. John Dee, DMT, seeing angels and how math is the language the universe uses to talk to us. This was a tremendous, enlightening and healing conversation. Gary Lachman stops by the podcast to talk about meme magick, the rise of the Alt Right, and how the misuse of magick might have helped fuel the election of Donald Trump. Pam Grossman Phantasmaphile, Waking the Witch stops by the podcast to discuss her work shining a spotlight on how the archetype of the witch has emerged into public consciousness, and can be a potent symbol for inspiring and empowering women.

Aki Cederberg, author of ‘Journeys in the Kali Yuga’, stops by to talk about his travels with the Naga Babas of India, and his quest to resurrect the sacred traditions of Europe in defiance of the crushing weight of the Kali Yuga. Legendary occult author, teacher and songwriter Lon Milo DuQuette stops by the podcast to talk about his recent forays into the Shanghai occult scene, his experiences with Enochian and Goetic magick, and how magick just might lead you to enlightenment!

British-born, classically trained pianist, composer, author, educator, and Shakespeare Authorship scholar Alan Green stops by the podcast to talk about the secret codes that he’s discovered Dr. John Dee hid throughout Shakespeare’s plays! Jon Graham, acquisitions editor at Inner Traditions, stops by the podcast to talk about the Western Esoteric Tradition, Rosicrucianism, Metapolitical War, meme magic, the right’s obsession with George Soros, his own occult experiences, and what it takes to transcend the small-s self.

This was an awesome episode. I open with my thoughts on the c I chat with PEN-award winning author Mitch Horowitz about the power of positive thinking, the occult history of America and his new-found fascination with Satanism.

I open with a memorial to the late Adam Parfrey, friend and publisher of Feral House books, who just passed. One decentralized cryptocurrency exchange and Wall Street vet, talks about how blockchain technology will transform the planet.


Why is Donald Trump going to war in Syria? And is there a much deeper spiritual meaning, and appropriate spiritual response, to this new war?

Stephen Edred Flowers stops by the podcast to talk about runes, Odin, the Northern Tradition of magic, and his new book on the Icelandic grimoires. Timothy Wyllie, visual artist and author, stops by to discuss how to access inner space and talk to angels, dolphins, extraterrestrials and other travelers in the psychic worlds!

Vinay Gupta—Hindu tantric, Bucky Fuller-style engineer and blockchain evangelist—talks about enlightenment, magic and saving the world. Zach Leary from “It’s All Happening” stops by to talk about ancient spirituality and futuristic dystopia! Christiana Key of Delphic Oracle talks about Magick, “Priestess Pop” and using her one-woman performances as occult rituals!

Generation Hex: New Voices from Outside Reality

My old friend Caleigh Fisher and I have one of our epic far-future-shaman conversations about magick and the future of humanity! Porn star Bailey Jay stops by to talk about magick, the connection between being transgender and her spirituality, post-Twitter consciousness and lots more!

What’s the difference between white and black magick, really? Scholar and biographer Tobias Churton stops by the Ultraculture Podcast to chat about his genreation bio of Aleister Crowley, “The Beast in Berlin,” which charts Crowley’s ultramodern period in pre-war Berlin. Fine artist Scott Treleaven stops by to talk about magick, the future and the role of the artist in society.

Buddhist activist Max Zahn stops by to talk about protesting Goldman Sachs with active compassion. Conner Habib, gay porn star, intellectual and Anthroposophist, on magick and breaking through cultural sexual repression.

John Shirley tapes an interview with Generatiin, on his book “New Taboos,” private prisons, the state of social consciousness, and the mystic Gurdjieff.

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