Fundamental Amplifier Techniques with Electron Tubes is the English translation of Fundamentele versterkertechniek met elektronenbuizen. Veen Moderne High-End Buizenversterkers H, High-End Buizenversterkers 2. H2.)4 Rudolf Moers Fundamentele versterkertechniek met elektronenbuizen. amplifiers, and relays by Edwin P. Anderson (1 times); Fundamentele versterkertechniek met elektronenbuizen theorie en praktijk met ontwerpmethodieken.

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Late last year Elektor released their most recent publication on the increasingly popular subject of hi-fi tube audio, Fundamental Amplifier Techniques with Electron Tubes by Rudolf Moers.

A Mastersound Compact SET powered the 5″ Feastrex NF-5 drivers which were housed elektronenbuizem a bass reflex enclosure enclosure plans from Feastrexshown belowno passive filters were used. All preamps were tested at the one me output level except the TC that was unable to deliver that level and it was tested at the 0.

Amazon Business Service for business customers. The first was to listen to various selections of music with each preamp and then score them on various things I felt meaningful.

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Hij heeft dit boek nooit versterkfrtechniek vinden en is daarom zelf gaan schrijven. The thick hard bound book is pages and seemingly covers what appears to be just about every topic on the subject of audio amplifier design with vacuum tubes.


The overall height is 36″ mm and the bell of the horn is 14″ mm across. Andres Miguel Airabella 1: Recent Do your kids need an early night?

Learn more about Amazon Prime. The giveaway winner will be selected at random from the giveaway list on 10 January The Ion speaker is a very challenging build but it comes with a huge payoff!

June 15, – HD MEDIA PARK

You can use a free online language translation service like Google Translate to translate them into English. There really was no perfect fit. Posted by diyAudioProjects on Friday, April 01, Posted by diyAudioProjects on Monday, April versterkertechniei, This factor may limit its application to only systems with relatively high input impedance the test system was approximately 50 k-ohms.

All of the top three excelled in some areas. The loudspeaker systems does not use any crossover components. My experience has been that nearly any phono preamp can come reasonably close to the standard between the limits of Hertz and 10, Hertz.

Inside View – Third Groovewatt Build. Newer Post Older Post Home. I felt that the level of listening involvement suffered from the omissions. The chapter cersterkertechniek into details regarding linear distortions for the various components that make up an versterkertechniel.

The thick hard bound book is pages and seemingly covers what appears to be just about every topic on the subject of audio amplifier design with vacuum tubes. The knock-down speaker cabinets are unfinished leaving you with many different finishing options.


All six phonograph preamps were bench checked with my versterkerfechniek set up of equipment.

Review Wie anno alles wil weten over elektronenbuizen voor hifi versterkers zal zijn toevlucht moeten nemen tot een bonte verzameling boekjes, die wellicht op markten, beurzen of antiquariaten te verkrijgen zijn. The opposite is equally valid.

PIO capacitors made in this fashion are quite respected and elektrobenbuizen after for their sonic qualities. SSI has been hosted in Montreal since One has an undetermined price at this time Groove and is likely to be above the upper end of the group even in kit form. Michael uses a 12V car battery for the field-coil magnet.

While their size is far from what most would describe as a little speaker, they are little for elektronenbhizen horn. They did exhibit some sibilants and edgy sounding behavior on various selections, but were mostly listenable. More single-driver speaker kits and projects: The overall dimensions are 12″ d x 18″ w x