ETSI TS 102 796 PDF

ETSI TS 102 796 PDF

This document contains the currently identified and resolved errata to ETSI TS v It is a living document which will be updated. This document contains the currently identified and resolved errata to ETSI TS v It is a living document which will be updated based on experience. ETSI TS (V): “Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV”. [2]. ETSI EN (V): “Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB); Specification.

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It also fixes issues found during implementation of HbbTV 2. This presentation provides an insight into the HbbTV 2. It gives an overview of the new features and the other changes from version 2. This is a version of TS V1.

Issue numbers are included for cross-referencing with errata 3. It is a living document which will be updated based on experience of implementing receivers, services and tests. Issue numbers are included for cross-referencing with errata 2. It has been replaced by a later version and is preserved here purely for the record etsu should not be used.

This document contains a snapshot of the errata to HbbTV 2. This document was originally approved in October however not published due to last-minute concerns with one of the solutions. These esi now 1102 addressed and a better solution included.

Specifications | HbbTV

Errata 2 has been replaced by a later version and is preserved here purely for the record and should not be used. This document is a comparison between HbbTV 2. The comparison has been done using the automated mechanism in Microsoft Word which may result in false positives and results that are more compex than would come from a manual comparison.

This is the first version of the HbbTV 2. It is preserved here purely for the record and should not be used. It updated the web platform to HTML5 and introduced a number of new features. It has been replaced by HbbTV 2. Issue esi are included for cross-referencing with errata 4.

TS V1. This version was based on 3 documents. This document contains all agreed errata and replaces errata 3, errata 2 and errata 1.

This is the third errata to TS 1. It is replaced by errata 4 and is preserved here purely for the record. It should not be used. This is the second errata to TS 1. This is the first errata to TS 1. It is replaced by errata 4 and is preserved here purely for the record and should not be used. This is an updated version of the stand-alone HbbTV 1.

It is preserved here purely as for the record. It is obsolete and should not be used any longer as the content is included in TS V1.

This is the original version of HbbTV 1. It is obsolete and should not be used any longer as the August 1st version includes important clarifications. This is the original HbbTV specification.

It should only be used when developing applications and services targeted at already deployed HbbTV TVs and set-top boxes. This errata document contains a set of identified and resolved errata to the HbbTV specification. These have been integrated with HbbTV 1. This fully replaces the former errata 1. This is errata 1 for HbbTV 1. It is obsolete and should not be used any longer.

This specification is an extension to the core HbbTV specification to support operator application. Operator applications allow TV operators, in partnership with TV manufacturers, to provide an operator-branded experience as an application on TVs.


It includes a description of what an operator application is, market drivers for operator applications, as well as an overview of technical details within the HbbTV OpApp specification. HbbTV has ordered unit tests for the operator applications specification. More than of these have been delivered but they are in the process of being reviewed and are NOT YET approved for certification.

HbbTV welcomes support from interested parties to contribute to the review and approval process, please contact support hbbtv.

This document defines a method for discovery of broadcast-related HbbTV services via a broadband internet connection for settings where AIT signalling via the broadcast network is not available to the HbbTV terminal. Click here to review historical OIPF specifications.

It is suitable for suppliers of complete devices and also suppliers of hardware and software components. Tests for HbbTV Specification v. A list of these can be found in the following section. HbbTV members who have the necessary expertise and equipment may also license the test suite for use in their own facility. The test suite license covers a whole company, including associated companies, and a list of those who have signed it can be found here.

The test suite is distributed with details on how to obtain a new test harness which provides minimum required functionality to execute approved test materials in a manual way. Commercial test tools which implement the test harness specification are also available. This file contains an indication of the contents of the test suite.

The process for a test center to register with HbbTV is lightweight with relatively few obligations, in return for which the test center can be added to the list below. HbbTV cannot recommend a particular test center nor does it audit or accredit test centers for regulatory compliance.

The following criteria may be considered when selecting a test center. It does not include other criteria covering any commercial relationship that would required with the test center. The attached schema files have been developed by the HbbTV Association to capture test case requirements, to document the development and approval process for each test case, and to enable implementation of test cases using a HbbTV conformant test harness.

These schema are published to enable other groups to use the same schema for development of their own test cases in a way that will maximise interoperability of implementations. HbbTV welcomes test reviewers to help qualify whether submitted test material is fit to be included in an official Test Suite. The test material is not for testing or validating devices and such use is prohibited.

A test reviewer can be a member of either body or botha subcontractor of said member or an approved test material provider.

The details of how test material is reviewed and approved, as well as how test reviewers are selected for particular tests is given in the Test Material Approval Procedure document which is available to companies that become test reviewers.

Please note that such membership will be checked as part of the application procedure. Access to the HbbTV test repository will first be approved per company, before individuals can be added. On most Unix systems the htpasswd command is available. Windows users will find multiple places to download it when searching via Google. If you do not have an account on the Redmine server, you can register for one by going to the following URL: When registering with Redmine, as with the email lists, please only use email addresses clearly linked to your company details given in the TRAA application questionnaire.

  AM1D - 0505S PDF

Yahoo, Google, Hotmail or e-mail addresses that have no company affiliation are not acceptable. When you have registered with Redmine, your account will be activated manually by the Redmine administrator. The HbbTV Logo Usage Policy categorises the different types of parties that may use the Logo, along with the obligations of those parties. HbbTV takes security very seriously. Security researchers who wish to disclose vulnerability in an HbbTV specification should contact info hbbtv.

Tampering with the broadcast transmissions is currently an area of interest for security researchers. Whilst HbbTV does not define the specifications for broadcast transmission, we take this topic very seriously and work actively with the other standards organisations responsible such as the DVB project on such matters, as well as making revisions to our own specifications to protect users. The code and documentation is available at https: The application, and sample content, showcase HbbTV technology and help members in validating their tools, content and devices.

Furthermore, the reference application is implemented in a way which makes the code easily reusable for anybody to implement their own DASH video streaming application. The application and the content catalogue is designed in a way that it can be easily extended with additional content and DRM systems. As well as running on HbbTV 1.

TS 102 796 – V1.2.1 – Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV

The DASH validator source code is available and free under an open source license at https: Users can easily validate their content through the web-based interface or build a local copy for use in a production workflow within their own environment. Membership information about the HbbTV Association can be obtained by contacting info hbbtv.

The technical specifications produced by the Open IPTV Forum are provided to the public via the specifications section below. The combined forces of the two organizations will streamline standards for OTT innovation so consumers can enjoy ever more interactive experiences on their connected TV devices. The harmonization of activities aims to enable a more efficient approach for developing OTT services across the industry for manufacturers, broadcasters, content producers and developers to create applications for broadcast and broadband delivery via connected TV or set-top-box using a common HbbTV Specification.

Hybrid broadcast broadband TV HbbTV is a global initiative aimed at harmonising the broadcast and broadband delivery of entertainment services to consumers through connected TVs, set-top boxes and multiscreen devices.

The HbbTV specification is developed by industry leaders to improve the video user experience for consumers by enabling innovative, interactive services over broadcast and broadband networks. Website designed by FullView Design. Exclusive pricing is offered to members. Please note that membership conformation is required prior to registration confirmation.

Resources Your one-stop spot for all additional information and documents. Testing Information and Support. Using the HbbTV Logo. Errata 3 to HbbTV 2.