The Secret of Ashona is the fifth instalment in the Erec Rex Series. It was released in Synopsys Erec Rex has had many difficult tasks in the past but none. Erec Rex might still become king – but the closer he gets, the more dangerous his tasks become. Given his romance brewing with Bethany, the discovery that his. Erec Rex has had many difficult tasks in the past but none like the task he has to face right now. Erec has lost most of his.

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The story starts out like the others, fun, Mysterious, griping, but very quickly becomes sad. Shine of the Silver Dragon: A Sky for Us Alone. And finally, the last thing that kind of got to me.

The Vampire and Angel Wars Book 1. With the help of an ancestor of his own, and using what he has learned, Erec saves the day, though in the process discovers two dangerous secrets. Having an invisible ghost friend who can pretty much do anything was WAY too convenient and made the whole book hokey. This story needs serious revision and editing.

I bit off all my nails reading The Secret of Ashona. I fully agree with her assessment. Overall, I really enjoyed this book and definitely recommend it if you have read the first four! It was the first to elicit an emotional response from me and for a young adult series, that’s unusual.


Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. It’s been a week and I am barely halfway through. Kate lives in a world where there are In Erec’s memories, she says how much she loves them, wants them to be happy, etc. Overall, it was great though I ashlna myself overly nervous and mad about occurrences in the first third of the book.

The Secret of Ashona

By using his mother’s Seeing Glasses, he is able to contact Bethany. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. It made me really miss the Bethany that wasn’t afraid of a little danger, and was as stubborn as Erec was. But in this book, he was around so much that he drowned out the other characters, I think.

Feb 18, Danielle rated it it was amazing Shelves: I get that it seems like she might be scared of facing the public because she abandoned her fans but she should at least do something about it, she basically took our money and ran. The stories are centered around Erec’s Herculean quests, which leads him into death. This article rsx additional citations for verification.

The Dragon’s Eye, and Erec Rex: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Erec has done so much for the Furies, and at such personal cost, that he’s the only one they’ll even talk to without destroyingand he spends most of the book trying to plot out a way ashonna put them back into the prison he died to get them out of. My 12 year old loved this!


The Secret of Ashona (Erec Rex, book 5) by Kaza Kingsley

After plenty of ordeals and challenges along the way, Erec finally makes his way into the fortress to help Bethany, but not without being caught by Baskania first. The books have won many awards and were a “Borders Original Voices” pick – very cool.

For fans of the series, this is a definite read; for newcomers, do yourself a favor and start at the beginning. It’s like his personality completely changed when he turned into a ghost Looking for a particular type of book? This series has really been a pretty big disappointment.

The Three Furies, are available at all stores. Still love this series too bad i have to wait for the next book. He does so but the fates are not much help, and just laugh and giggle like fangirls. Erec tried to trick Bethany gex telling the Hermit to take her back to safety, but she stayed anyways, ignoring the fact that it was dangerous.

She is a prisoner of King Pluto of Aorth, one of the triplets that rule over the Kingdom of the Keepers. More details on my website. Articles needing additional references from July All articles needing additional references. Our favorite toys for everyone on your list Top Kid Picks.