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In the case of Blaesoxipha and possibly that of Scelw spp. As in Systoechus spp. Unio on the insect enemies of Acridoidea Orthoptera 2. As Potgieter reared T.

Rossi ” 12 S. As these do not always occur in many areas where 8. Asia, Transcaucasia ; 32,,U.

Aldrich has also re-examined early records of parasites of Schistmm paramsis. Africa 34 Trichupdea clausa 0. In reviewing specific differences, acridoid species of major economic importance alone can be considered as only these have been extensively studied. The Aleocharine has only been found a t one locality and with less than 3 per cent. The body segmentation is indistinct and the appendages rudimetary. Reports on the damage by destructive locusts during the season This occurs during the pupal stage of Acemyia spp.

Although superparasitisation is common, only one larva survives in each egg, but the sue of the resulting adult is reduced. A synopsis of the African species in the form of an extended key, has D. The adults feed on nectar from flowers, but the females require protein for maturation ; this latter requirement has not been followed up but some species probably ingest pollen and others juices from decaying animal matter.


Dagestan, Kazahkstan ; 97, U. Bombyliid egg predators have been recorded from most areas where Acridoidea are common. Asia, Trancaucesia ; U. Turke- stanU. Proctotrupoidea The larvae of all species of this family with known life histories are internal parasites of the eggs of insects of various orders. Uzbekistan ;Mali Uzbekistan Boving and Craighead, ; Rymer Roberts, Caucasus Turkey ; Algeria 3 72 In general there seems to be no specificity in parasitisation or predation that can be correlated with the taxonomic grouping of the host ; size and behaviour seem to be the only important considerations.

Since the embryonic period of the locust is longer days for the Desert Locust in East Africaemergence is complete before the locust eggs hatch and, by the time they hatch, the flies have dis- persed.

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The eggs are minute, oval and covered with a sticky material which causes soil to adhere to them, so that they are seldom detected. Some of these are casual predators feeding on any suitable insect encountered, whereas others are more regularly predators of Acridoids ; jordab have been studied quantitatively to any great extent as factors affecting mortality, so that an assessment of their importance is not possible.

Apart from records already mentioned, vague references to MeloidsSarco- phagabee-fly larvaeetc.

RussiaU. The adults survive for about 30 days under cage conditions. Siberia ; U.

France ; 87, Spain 93, N. A proposito de um parasita notavel do Stauronotus maroccanus Thunberg.


The range of genera is large and the infestations are generally low ; Popovhowever, found Carabids to be the greatest cause of egg mortality of the Migratory Locust in the Niger 0ood zone of Mali. Russia ; U. Here again eurooea size of the host appears to be important, Olsuf’ev 1.


Russia 93, Nyasaland 90, FormosaJava 32, U. Kazakhstan ; U.

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The eggs are then laid, one in each host egg, by means of an ovipositor which can be extended to a length twice that of the body. This species and C. Africa Natal ; 52, Canada B. Greathead on the insect enemies of Acridoidea Orthoptera Informe del viaje efectuado a la Balfuf f.

On contact with a host the larva penetrates the intersegmental cuticle, generdy the pleura of the abdomen Neorhynchocephlwor thorax Symmictusor through a spiracle Trichopsidea.

This seems to be general with locusts and is borne out by the absence of reports of significant parasitism in gregarious locust populations. Rhodesia 76 80, S. A third species, A. Ukraine ; grrtsshoppers, Canada B. Taylor, then Director of the Anti-Locust Re- search Centre, for providing facilities for the completion of this review, for his particular encouragement and advice, and for reading the manuscript.

Russia 95 ; U. KazakhstanS. Ovodeposizione, sviluppo e costumi delle prime larve di Stomatorrhina Zdia lunata Fab. The co-ordination of the biology of the parasite with that of the host is also of possible importance in the incidence of parasites and predators. S ; ; ; ; ; ; 38; 86; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; Several genera of this large family of parasitic flies have been recorded as parasites The association of some of the genera, as with the Bombyliidae, D.

Siberia, U.