Eat Yourself Slim has 86 ratings and 7 reviews. Maria said: 5 stars for his method, but 3 stars for this book. I prefer the original version of his book. I’m currently reading the book by Michel Montignac called Eat Yourself Slim. It was reffered to me by a friend of my sister’s. Apparently, he’s a. Eat Yourself Slim: Modifying our eating habits often means first Eat Yourself Slim takes this principle to a new level. Slim. Michel Montignac.

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Seekordsiis rated it liked it Aug 15, Sugar Busters was based on Michel Montignac’s work. A glass of wine may be fine after dinner, but not with the meal, for example, and an apple is best enjoyed all by itself mojtignac a midmorning snack, rather than as part of lunch.

All we have to do is follow a nutritionally balanced diet that excludes saturated fats and carbohydrates with a high glycemic index.

Montignac Method: Eat Yourself Slim

In this meal you should avoid fats with the exception of omega 3 fats from fish montkgnac very small portions of monounsaturated fats. However, aside from a temporary weight loss, people subsequently suffered from cardiovascular problems by eating too much fat. The Montignac Method is a diet designed to support monyignac weight management by choosing foods with a low glycemic index. There is a passing reference saying that being vegetarian for ethical reasons is ok as long as you eat dairy and eggs to get your missing nutrients.

The Factors that Modify Glycemic Indexes. Check out the top books of eaat year on our page Best Books of Articles Written by Michel Montignac. Montignac Diet Method Michel Montignac was the first health expert to recommend the use of the glycemic index for weight management. Antonella Montesanti rated it liked it Sep 09, This will subscribe you to all of our newsletters, announcements, and promotional content.


This is why the Montignac Method is the only perfectly balanced diet. Eat Yourself Slim by Michel Montignac. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Breakfast Lemon juice prunes Montignac integral bread Montignac jam Green tea. On the positive side, if you do need to lose weight, Yoursrlf bet this diet would ear wouldn’t need to go hungry, and these days most of his recommended foods are easily available in the U.

Eat Yourself Slim

Naomi Stone rated it really liked it Jun 24, This article is not an endorsement, but a review. The lower the GI the most significant the weight loss!

Apparently, he’s a health-freak and has read and is following points in this book. Montignac has no formal scientific or medical credentials. It is interesting and it does work. Refresh and try again. Oct 01, Maria rated it liked it. More than 20 million Montignac books have already been sold in 45 countries and have been translated into 25 languages.

Some of the foods recommended with Montignac. This diet was recommended to me not for weight loss, but for better intestinal health. Andreea rated it liked it Jan 27, But how do you promote weight loss in a culture that revels in eating and drinking? The handful of recipes in the back of the book interprets traditional French bistro fare according to these principles.

The primary goal during this phase is to choose carbohydrates with a glycemic index of 50 or below.

Eat yourself slim | Official web site of the Montignac Method

Renne Sairanen rated it it was amazing Oct 05, It especially emphasizes very low GI carbs, which has the effect of reducing high blood sugar and insulin levels. You should wait at least two hours after a carbohydrate meal before consuming a meal containing fat. On the positive side, if you do need to lo This diet was recommended to yourslef not for weight loss, but for better intestinal health. Otherwise, it’s an odd book.


Paperbackpages. Carb-protein meals largely consist of carbohydrates with a glycemic index between 35 to Four decades later, one must admit that low lat diets are a total failure.

Based on the GI Diet, Michel reveals the secrets jourself good nutrition so you can lose weight and live healthily forever. Books by Michel Montignac.

Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. Fats are chosen on the cardio criteria knowing that some fats lower risks and even help weight loss.

In the intervening years, overeating has become more problematic, particularly in the United States. The Montignac Method is based on the principle of consuming low glycemic index carbohydrates. Oct 11, Svetlana Dimitri rated it it was amazing. A lipid-protein meal means to combine proteins and fats.

Tell us your story. It suggests the right carbs and the right fats:. Join us on instagram! Looking for beautiful books? You will select food based on its nutritional value and potential to keep your body healthy and at its ideal weight.

Alex Simons rated it really liked it Oct 10, It teaches you to adjust your eating habits to achieve the goals of: