So since I did a layout for the Tubeworks I thought to myself if it’s basically a tube pre-amp I Layout Dumble Overdrive Special 70’s. The Dumble Overdrive Special has been one of the “Holy Grail” guitar . Here’s a layout for the Overtone Special 50 (A Dumble Overdrive. Hoffman Amplifiers Tube Amp Forum, Dumble Champ Schematic. Dumble- ( kB, x – viewed 49 times.).

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Dumble Lite Layout Dumble schematics, designs, pictures. However, if you pound your way through with the dunble excercise a highly recommended task! JohnK had made a layout for the awhile ago, so I thought I’d give the a shot.

Basically a simple switchable volume pedal. This is a highly responsive pedal, and with some creative use of your guitars volume and tone knobs, you can even achieve some bluesier tones for added versatility. The kit is with the head cabinet and weighs 44 Kg for all components. It is due to the fact they are in Malaysia, if Ceriatone really wants business to take off they should setup some sort of warehouse in the US to have his kits shipped out of the US.

For example, some have a clean channel that stays clean “all the way up to 10” referencing a gain potentiometer ranging from 1 – Dumble still builds amplifiers at the rate of about 2 or 3 per year, and primarily builds for celebrity musicians and studios. Posted by Fred Briggs at In an interview with Premier GuitarRobben Ford claims that Dumble told Ford that the original inspiration for the Overdrive Special came while watching Ford play live in the 70s at a bar in Santa Cruz.


This was the most expensive amplifier on Dumble’s amplifier price sheet in the 90s.

Dumble amps information archive

Since Dumble’s models are individually tailored, no two amps are exactly the same. Schematic can be found on Revolutiondeux.

Howard Dumble began modifying Fender tweed and blackface amplifiers [6] in [7] in Santa Cruz. The Return of Mr.

One notable original owner of a Manzamp was Bonnie Raitt. With verified layouts in site, I figured I’d throw in something small, simple, and usable. Also, despite its reputation as a “clean machine”, the earlier SSS and possibly 7 would break up when their input gain was turned up or pushed by a loud input signal. This is most notably apparent with the later SSS models, though a balance of factors contribute to this unique response, and the earlier versions as well as other Dumble amplifiers reportedly imitate this effect under certain conditions.

Dumble amplifiers information archive – courtesy of Rob Livesey

He asks similar prices to the used market rates in order to dissuade resale. Since buying his ODS, Ford has almost exclusively used his original Dumble or an exact clone of it live. No registered users and 0 guests.


Dumble was hired by Mosrite to build a special line of Amplifiers for The Ventures before he was Newer Post Older Post Home. For example, although most ODS amplifiers use 6L6 tubes in the power section commonly associated with Fender ampssome have EL34 tubes commonly associated with Marshall amps.

Its sound is often characterized as an extremely clean and compressed signal with dynamic response and a lush reverb circuit.

Saturday, 17 June Tubeworks Real Tube Retrieved 9 June Retrieved from ” https: Also, a LOT depends on your speaker efficiency.

Posted by Alex at It’s like your guitar’s volume knob, with a fully-passive and color-free circuit.

Dumble Lite Layout – Page 2 – The Amp Garage

The latter won’t give up the harmonics at lower settings but you can play with out the neighbors beating on the door. KeelerOverdriveVerifiedVero. After he was lent an amplifier it wasn’t for sale he “was hooked for life.