Cinemax has revealed the development of Daemonica 2: Farepoynt’s Purgatory, a sequel to the mystery adventure game Daemonica. Daemonica 2: Farepoynt’s Purgatory is a sequel to Daemonica, but does not require you to be familiar with the content of thr original. Daemonica. by One of the seven Back!?!!?? Add to Favorites. Pages. 2 . Updates. On Hiatus. Last Update. 9 Months Ago. Fans. Readers. 6.

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A great kitchen, complete with all the modern daemmonica, a waterfall for a shower, a media room well supplied with DVDs, and a ahem playroom.

Worthplaying | ‘Daemonica 2: Farepoynt’s Purgatory’ Unveiled

I’ll leave it there, vaemonica there is so much more I could say. Runa, our heroine, reveals that she had dated Shade for a couple of months and it ended badly. The Iceni outnumber the Romans nearly ten to one. He’s loya I’m gonna start out this review again with a thank you to Annie for pushing me to read this series. Let me start off by saying that I love the Demonica series.

In some ways like a sex addiction. A medieval CSI who also talks to the dead. Oh, no, each one also has to have a curse or two or three on top of that, and it increases more with each book, it seems.

I am Nicholas Farepoynt and they call me The beasts hunter. Dec 14, Stacia the club rated it liked it Recommended to Stacia the club by: The game was scheduled for release in Q1 Shade is a tormented soul, cursed to fade away should he ever fall in love. They care for each other, they work together, and they protect each other — though not always perfectly.


Among the prisoners there, is his dafmonica Runa.

At the very end of the known world two tragic heroes meet on a mysterious island. Best in demonica series? He finds out that a murder occurred in the meantime but the only suspect was already executed on the orders of the Mayor.

Desire Unchained

He was a very complex character that I grew to love fairly early into the book. I don’t know what to start with first. One thing I really love is when a book exceeds my expectations.

Desire Unchained was a great second installment in the Demonica series daemoinca another great story about another great Seminus demon. Although this is the second book of the Demonica series, Desire Unchained is the last book I needed to read. I despised him in Pleasu There were so many things to love about this book! Coast Guard husband and son, so her writing career has been a blessing — a job that moves easily.

In short, they have everything you could possible ask for in a romance! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The brotherly love between Shade, Eidolon, and Wraith is special. The brief BDSM interlude between these two was also bordering on bizarre. It’s no spoiler to tell you that Shade cheated on Runa since its talked about in the first couple of chapters. So, Shade has spent his life avoiding any kind of romantic attachments in fear of activating the curse. Talk about not so awesome! Shade wasn’t my favourite brother but he started to grow on me more and more as I read.

Back when they dated, Runa was huma Let me start off by saying that I love the Demonica series. Air Force meteorologist, an EMT, and a professional dog trainer, and you never know when one of those interests will pop into her novels.

The worldbuilding once more 3. Get this if you love a good mystery adventure. View all 29 comments. I do feel a little bit guilty that the side story of Gem and Ky captured my attention more than the main sto “I will bear this pain for you,” he swore. The game was released in the Czech Republic in May Anyway, Wraith’s story is next in the series. And Ky is so hot, I love them both. Runa has a guilt that she cannot rid herself of, and presses Wraith to use his talent to get rid of it.


There is something about Shade that blows my mind and I am gonna say it, he is my Vishous of the demon world. LOL She has faced so much in her life, so many things that could’ve destroyed her but she never let it get her down. And nothing too believable and serious to be honest… I did not particularly like Runa in this book; however she grew on me after I read the next books in the series. I didn’t really buy that it helped Runa, and I don’t think Ione sold it like she believed it either.

Even when she walked in on him, he didn’t stop fucking them. Makes it sound like he’s a dog compelled the impregnable bitches in heat. But he cannot help doing it. You’re not supposed to ask that. So now she’s a werewolf and she absolutely hates Shade for his betrayal, while she considers him responsible for what happened to her.

Really enjoyed this second book in Larissa Ione’s Demonica series.