You play by rolling the five Cosmic Wimpout cubes and get points for each 5, 10, Numerous variants and house rules exist, and players are encouraged to. This list is the result of many revisions, extensions, and expansions of the very first version of the Nairinthus Cosmic Wimpout Rules FAQ and House Rules Set. Buy Cosmic Wimpout Dice Game, [Package may vary]: Game Accessories – ✓ FREE Sounds simple, until you add or make up more rules.

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IP’s may not be redeemed during Last Licks.

Some rulws play it as it lands, wherever that may be. No 10’s or 5’s can be used, nor can suns be 10’s or 5’s.

How to Play Cosmic Wimpout – Cosmic Wimpout

It is possible that there is no winner, especially with 1TW. This can be near impossible. Unless of course you are playing the Sun-Star Tournament Rules, but that’s a story for another day. Get your own copy of the Cosmic Wimpout dice game warm up your imagination and have some fun! This would be a wimpout. Sometimes you’re in the Cosmos The sun is the only potential scorer, and must be called as either a 10 or a 5 due to no other scoring opportunities.

What is Doubles worth?

Otherwise, as Snorky would say, “Double ain’t worth squat. You play by rolling the five Cosmic Wimpout cubes and get points for each 5, 10, or Flash triplet that you roll. As you know, the Re-Roll Clause comes into play on the roll after the Futtless Rule, which requires that all non-scoring dice be rolled again. When there are only BoxCars as the non-scoring dice, and you are trying to decide whether or not to “Opt to Stop” or roll again, be aware, cosmid people say, “Never roll into BoxCars”!


We also play that you only re-roll the offending cube.

All you really need are the five magical Cosmic Wimpout dice cubes. You have the option to stop, accumulate points and end your turn anytime you roll and don’t wimp out except in the following situations:. Whenever you roll all 5 dice, and everything works, in addition to the points, you also get an Insurance Point [hereafter called an IP].

New players need to remember that if any one of the dice thrown matches the Flash, you must re-roll all of the dice just rolled and not only the one that matched the Flash. IP’s cannot be earned in conjunction with another House Rule e.

What is Wimping Out or a Wimpout? Say you roll a ten, that would give you 55 points.

Cosmic Wimpout

What is the Guiding Light, or when can wipmout rules be introduced during the game? Agree on a game goal usually or points. Cosmic Wimpout Leyden, MA As you know, the Futtless Rule says that after a Flash, you have to roll all of the non-scoring cubes.

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If on any throw of all five dice, you do not get any scoring cubes “5,” “10,” Triplet, or Flaming Sunthen you Wimpout, or Trainwreck. Each player rolls the dice and tries to score points by rolling “5”s, “10”s, or Triplets three of a kind. rulles

Another variation is the Cosmic Sampler variation, which was featured in an electronic version for the Palm. He doesn’t get in many games, cksmic when he does, he usually wins.

Were my friends making up the rules as we went along? If the player rolled all five cubes and scores no points, this is a “train wreck”. You roll, and get a 3 4 3. The player who rolls the highest wwimpout goes first: Whenever you get a 5 or 10, and one of each of the non-scoring faces on the other 4 cubes, on the same ruoes, you have achieved a Cosmic Sampler derived from the Whitman’s Sampler candy assortment which is worth 50 points, and using all 5 dice which brings the YMNWTBYM rule in.

Four are white with a “5,” “10,” or one of the symbolic symbols on each of the sides. If you are into game theory, this is a very unique codmic, as sometimes it helps you and sometimes it hurts