Feeding by C. pulicaria causes irregular, fine, white scratches on the leaves of maize plants (Poos and Elliott, ). The insect eats through the epidermis of the. Genus Chaetocnema. Species pulicaria (Corn Flea Beetle). Synonyms and other taxonomic changes. Chaetocnema pulicaria F.E. Melsheimer. Description The adult is a very small, smooth, shiny, roundish, black beetle. The hind legs are distinctly enlarged and thickened, and the beetles jump readily.

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Chaetocnema hortensisalso known as the corn flea beetle [1] and clover flea beetle[2] is a species of flea beetle from Chrysomelidae family, found in TexasUSA [3] and Canada. The species is black in color, with orange legs and antennae. The females lay eggs in soilwhich has plants growing nearby.


Temporal distribution of Chaetocnema pulicaria (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) populations in Iowa.

The eggs hatch in 7 to 14 days into larvae. Xhaetocnema in their larval stage, their small, worm-like bodies are white. The larvae feed especially on plants’ rootscausing serious damage.

Then, they transform into pupaeand a week later, into adults. The species is known for causing damage to crops.

The damaged plants include sorghumsoybeanssweet cornsmall grains, and some vegetables. They also transmit Stewart’s wilt ; by removing the leaf tissue from the plant, they open a wound which allows the disease to begin spreading from plant to plant.

The disease organism is Pantoea stewartii. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Chaetocnema pulicaria – Corn Flea Beetle

Chaetocnema hortensis Scientific classification Kingdom: Retrieved 23 February Retrieved 24 February Retrieved from ” https: Galerucinae Beetles described in Beetles of North America. Articles with ‘species’ microformats.

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