But, finally with some incredible teamwork from the EMC vSpecialist squad I now present the complete Celerra UBER VSA Guide v1. This guide. Download Celerra UBER VSA Guide v1 Description. Celerra UBER Virtual Storage Appliance Guide v1 EMC Corporation vSpecialist Team February The new Celerra UBER VSA uses this intelligence to now allow *Thin* Configuration is now Perl/Bash based instead of just Bash to keep.

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Verify LUN Creation The issue on performance on swap is really weird as this is not ubed case on any other virtual server.

Please enter a title. Setting a Schedule is not necessary – By default, all available bandwidth is used at all times for the interconnect.

This next guude allows you to choose a resource pool. Select the storage pool for this datastore to live on. Fast clones are required to be placed in the same datastore as the original, or source, image. There are two default network connections for the Celerra VSA. When you get to the disk configuration take a second yber add a new virtual disk to the vVNX array in vSphere.

Next, you are given an option of how you want to store the virtual disks of the VSA.

EMC vVNX for home lab

The benefit to using the plug-in to perform this task is that array or in this case VSA resources are used to copy data from one datastore to another or within the same datastorereducing both ESX server network traffic and CPU resources. Please configure your network appropriately if planning to use external internet. Verify guire Replication Created Without Error One announcement that tuide me was a free virtual storage appliance from EMC.


Upon successful authentication, the main administration ce,erra All Systems will appear. This is useful only in the case that you are looking to have a full functioning Celerra management environment with minimal alerts and aligned as close as possible to the hardware.

The next screen will provide details on the OVA selected.

EMC Celerra UBER VSA 3.2 Performance Tweak

Attaching storage to this host will be done through this management address. Select the Source LUN 4. The certificate error presented is as a result of ubfr Celerra VSA generating a self-signed certificate.

Enter a Name for the replication scheme Select ‘Replicate a File System’ Accept the license agreement. To configure NFS storage for a production environment, please refer to the following resources: For simplicity, you can keep both network connections mapped to the same VM network.

EMC Community Network – DECN: Optimizing the Celerra VSA

Login to the VSA via Unisphere: Click the ‘Replication Wizard’ link at the left. Verify the Replication Completed They are similar to linked clones in that they are based on a parent image. Switch to the Unisphere interface, and select the Sharing dropdown. Be sure to enter a name that informs you of the direction of replication. As with the Network Servers, the Replication Wizard will also automatically create the Interconnect on the remote server for you.


Verify the Replication Created Without Errors Select File Systems from the Storage drop down to begin the process. In a production environment, you obviously will want to separate the management traffic from the data traffic.

Celerra UBER VSA Guide v1

Verify File System Creation These three tasks can be performed manually using various dialogs and screens in Unisphere, or alternatively all three can be accomplished using the Replication Wizard. Confirm that you have entered all the data appropriately. This step sets up a network session between uger local and remote Data Movers.

The future will tell. This will allow the browser to load without presenting a certificate error. Right click the resource pool and choose the following: Execute the self-extracting executable to a sub-directory of your choice and start the install by clicking on the auto install file 7.

This is expected behavior.