Terence Rattigan’s The Browning Version is a one-act play about an unpopular schoolmaster who, faced with the collapse of his career and marriage, snatches. The Browning Version – A Play in One Act has ratings and 22 reviews. Yngvild said: Although The Browning Version is a classic on stage and film, part. Retiring teacher Andrew Crocker-Harris is also on the verge of divorce.

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It concerns the relationship between a young student and a teacher not well-liked by the other boysand that between the teacher and his wife rocky, but superficially proper.

Brownihg was one of England’s most popular mid twentieth century dramatists. Rattigan based the character and the story of The Browning Version on a classics master he had at school as a student.

I think the Albert Finney adaptation with Greta Scachi was the best film version. The Belles of St.

I can rattifan now that the film took quite a few liberties with the play, but in a good way, drawing out the emotional undercurrents of the characters. It was directed by fast-paced dialog, frequently-foul-mouthed David Mamet, who did a lovely, complicated, subtle job. He feels that he has betrayed his calling as terejce and husband, but the story does not end in absolute bleakness.

Therefore, the play ends well before Crocker-Harris’s farewell speech to the school; the film shows the speech, in which he discards his notes and admits his failings, to be received with enthusiastic applause and cheers by the boys.

Andrew Crocker-Harris is an ageing Classics master at an English public schooland is forced into retirement by his increasing ill health. He pities the man, somehow clued into his demise as a classical scholar. Jul 03, Damselindistress added it. The lines from the play that everybody quotes come when the schoolmaster briefly meets his young replacement.


He is an unpopular teacher known for his strict discipline and stern lack of humour, and his younger wife Millie, embittered by his lack of passion and ambition, is having an affair with another teacher, Frank Hunter. The core of yerence play is a standard love-triangle, where the cuckolded husband has his consolation prize of the love of one of his pupils snatched from him by his spiteful wife. I read the play before seeing etrence film before I even knew a film had been madeand found the film verson out ference action: It was premiered in a double-bill with the one-act farce Harlequinade under the joint title Playbill at the Phoenix Theatre, London, on 8 September Feb 15, Michael Beal rated it it was amazing.

BBC Radio 4 Extra – Terence Rattigan – The Browning Version

Though only a one-act play, The Browning Version is a well-crafted and complete psychological study, indicative of his future direction as a playwright. And second, for those up to the challenge of learning an ancient language, I need to teach Latin in such a way that my students can ultimately read it, and read it well. The film was shot at Pinewood Studios in and generally released in April, Heart-rending stuff and brilliant. It is the story of a school teacher who, late in life, is rxttigan “let go” and replaced in veersion school’s Classics department.

John rated it liked it Jun 27, This has long been one of my favourites so I was delighted when the BBC revived bronwing as part of their Rattigan season to mark the th anniversary of the author’s birth. These interpretative layers and this sort of emotional nuance require the scholarly acumen Crocker-Harris demonstrates browwning tries to impart to his students, however flawed his pedagogical approach may be. Ill health is forcing Andrew to retire from teaching.

Retrieved 11 September — via National Library of Australia. Paperback64 pages. My curiosity only grew.

The Browning Version is a regular offering at regional playhouses.

The Browning Version

The Public Schools in English Fiction”. Jul 11, Yngvild rated it it was amazing Shelves: Andrew Crocker-Harris is a classics teacher at an English boys’ school. Retrieved 31 Ratyigan — via National Library of Australia.


Retrieved from ” https: It becomes knowledge within the play that the students call him “The Crock,” for basically his general lack of likability and personality.

After all, the impression he gives is that of only mild surprise at being referred to as ‘the Himmler of the lower fifth’. His plays are typically set in an upper-middle-class background. Arnold Bax Kenneth Essex both uncredited stock music.

The Browning Version ( film) – Wikipedia

The Browning Version is an artful allusion, a pathos-laden schoolteacher tale, and a reminder that rattigah classics still, to this day, provides an excellent dramatic backdrop for intense stories of subtle heartbreak, wherein a few sharply placed words can break a man forever. Jean Kent played it instead. Sep 21, Laura rated it liked it.

It respects friendship, a student – teacher relationship, trust, heartbreak, deceit and eccentricity for the characters portrayed in this play were no less than a mystery for all readers. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Trivia About The Browning Vers This is an incredibly powerful and moving short play that hit way, way too close to home. His redemption seems to have arrived. In a few powerful scenes, it narrates the touching story of an honest, hardworking schoolteacher whose lack of charisma distances everyone around him.

It is viewed as one of his best works, and one of the best one-acts ever written. Of course, since the Agamemnon informs much of the play, there rartigan be no redemption for Crocker-Harris.