Alinco DJ-S11 Instruction manual. uploaded by RigReference. PDF, Unknown size. Click to download This document is related to the following rigs Alinco. Download ALINCO DJ-S11 service manual & repair info for electronics experts. ALINCO DJ-S11 DATA. The DJ-S11 is a handheld 2M FM amateur radio transceiver with 20 channels () + CALL Channel; transmits up to W on.

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I agree the antenna is to blame for this tomfoolery.

ALINCO DJ-S11 Transceiver Programming Procedure

A 5-inch two-meter duck antenna would out perform the antenna that was supplied with the radio because it was matched to the proper frequency. Also another point, I’m not knocking the DJ-S I owned mine for about five years and used it pretty much every day with no complaints at all. They were very small antennas, yes, both short and narrow, and a small antenna is not going to outperform a larger one. This model in its current form, after careful scrutiny and testing, did not meet the high standards of technological excellence that ICOM sets for all our products.

I know there are lots of hams out there that own this little radio and love it for their particular uses.

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Now, with a SMA connector on there, and putting a lightweight small 2-meter ducky antenna on there, I think it would be perfect, especially with the 50mW setting, which Mamual think more HTs should have. The display will blink if the VCO is taken out of its range.


Why did I like the DJ-S11? Why, because it is small, lightand easy to carry because of the flip up antenna. The reason I wrote this is because I was cruising around online and saw alinvo this product was still being sold new.

New to Ham Radio?

After I did a lil antenna mod, I was fine, and dj-z11 did better and the 50mw setting. If you have a 75 ohm radio, then a matched antenna would also be 75 ohms. Don’t expect a small, low power handheld unit to do the job of a 5 watt handitalkie–it won’t.

I was thinking about putting a connector on the radio but chose not to because it was so small, I didn’t want to screw the whole thing up. The reality is that you, or any other buyer, should check out the specs and make comparisons before the purchase. Bill, you bring up a valid point that identifies your displeasure with the radio, but it really is a matter of “buyer beware”.

Alinco DJ-S11 Instruction manual

Look for a small about 1 mm green surface mount resistor actually a 0 ohm jumperlocated on the far left side of the exposed circuit board, located to the “northwest” of the speaker. It’s an endless game, and most of us enjoy playing it to some degree!

Again what is resonance? You will lose all of the memory contents.

This radio does not have the traditional Alinco red and blue wires which have become so familiar Sorry, I don’t remember the source but perhaps you can find it with a Google search. I have a hard time believing that they would design a 2M radio with a 50 ohm output and then just stick an unloaded 6-inch whip on it.

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I’ll probably try to improve the antenna performance now that I know it’s not up to snuff. The antenna connection is made by means of a gold-plated spring contact. Like the man says, you pays your money and you takes your choice.

Re-assemble the radio, being careful that the thin rubber gasket is seated around the inside edge of the rear cover. My Qlinco Subscriptions Help.

It didn’t perform poorly for me at all. Unless the radio was advertised to have a tuned antenna, there is nothing you can do about poor performance except convince others not to buy it. This avoids scratching the display and gives you a place to put the seven tiny screws to be removed. I personally don’t have any way to measure SWR with this radio obviously or what impedance this antenna is acutally at.

I own 3 of them, 1 for 2 and 2 for I have the micro dual bander Alinco makes. The space shuttle operates with a 7: